Turnstile Maintenance

turnstile maintenance

Last updated on: February 24th, 2023 19:04 pm

Pedestrian turnstile gate is used in many fields, which is the guarantees of safety and convenience for our living environment. Security turnstile gate is very common in our daily life, and it can be seen everywhere in the entrance of the residential area, supermarket entrance, office building hall, etc. Usually, we only need to brush the IC card or ID card gently to pass through these turnstile gates, which is really too convenient. Do you know how to maintain the pedestrian turnstile gate? Today let’s talk about turnstile maintenance.

The turnstile maintenance directly affects the service life of the turnstile gate (tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, full height turnstiles, speed gates, half height turnstile, sliding turnstile,etc.). Therefore, the turnstile gate must be regularly maintained and maintained as required.

Turnstile Maintenance

In the previous article, we described in detail how to install a turnstile gate, if you are interested in turnstile gate installation, please check this article.

When we debug and install the tripod turnstile gate, speed gates, swing turnstile gate, full-height turnstile gate, and other pedestrian turnstile gates, the machine will have corresponding wear and tear, which like cars and aircraft, needs to be maintained at ordinary times, so as to prolong the service time of the machine and ensure its good performance. Therefore, daily turnstile maintenance is very important, and we must carefully and carefully carry out regular turnstile maintenance to ensure that the turnstile gate is in the best state and plays its due function.

The working environment of many turnstile gates is relatively poor. For example, the intelligent turnstile gates in scenic spots are mostly located in scenic spots. The turnstile gates at the entrance are exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, and the turnstile gates in seaside scenic spots are vulnerable to the corrosion of sea sand or seawater.

We know that the machine needs maintenance, which can not only improve the service time, but also ensure the safety of tourists. Many users wait until the machine breaks down before they think of contacting maintenance and replacing parts, which often costs a lot of money.

what is tripod turnstile

Here, we mainly divide the turnstile maintenance into three parts: the maintenance of the external chassis, the maintenance of the internal mechanism, and the maintenance of the power circuit. Let’s learn more about it.

The external chassis maintenance

The appearance of the turnstile machine shall be cleaned once a week to remove the rust spots. The appearance of the chassis shall be polished with a soft cloth and fossil powder and coated with antirust oil. The newly coated antirust oil shall not be wiped by hand. It can be contacted by hand after natural drying for 3-5 hours, otherwise, the antirust effect of the surface will be damaged. If the chassis is painted or painted on the surface, wipe off the dust on the surface with a soft cloth. If there are exposed scratches, repair them with paint of the same color.

However, be careful not to dye the infrared eye part of the pedestrian turnstile gate, otherwise, the pedestrian turnstile gate will give a false alarm, resulting in a lot of unnecessary trouble.

The turnstile gate chassis is made of 304 stainless steel, which is the commonly used case material at present. The outside of most turnstile gates is made of 304 stainless steel or acrylic. We suggest cleaning the outside once or 2 times a week depending on the working environment. The stainless steel surface must be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain its surface and prolong its service life. When cleaning the stainless steel surface, pay attention not to scratch the surface. It can be scrubbed with soft fabric to prevent a large amount of dust from entering the interior of the chassis, which will lead to the failure of the control panel over time.

If you buy a turnstile gate from MairsTurnstile, we will provide a bottle of stainless steel maintenance oil when the product is delivered. If the surface of the pedestrian turnstile gate is oxidized or dirty, please wipe it regularly with stainless steel maintenance oil to ensure that the turnstile gate is clean as new.

After scrubbing, it can be polished with talc powder. For example, the intelligent turnstile gate used by the seaside is more vulnerable to corrosion. In addition to improving the stainless steel material, antirust oil can also be applied to the surface of the chassis. For the older turnstile gate, rust may have appeared. This situation needs to be cleared in time. Sandpaper and talc powder can be used to remove rust spots, which can be wiped along the grain. Finally, paint of the same color can be used to repair. At the same time, pay attention to avoid infrared perforation.

The internal mechanism maintenance

turnstile inside motor

The turnstile mechanism is the heart of the pedestrian turnstile gate, which is very important, so you need to pay attention to its maintenance once or twice a month. At ordinary times, check whether there are problems in the motor control parts according to the conditions during the operation of the turnstile gate, specifically from the following aspects:

1. First, cut off the power supply, open the cover of the turnstile gate chassis and clean the dust on the surface. The dust and sundries on the surface of the box shall be removed frequently to keep the surface of the gate clean. The cleaning of the surface can give people a good image and avoid the rust of the system body.

2. Then check all parts inside and check whether the connecting screws are loose. If so, tighten them.

3. Note that the limit switch and limit piece of the pedestrian turnstile gate shall not be adjusted casually to prevent errors caused by adjusting too far or too close.

4. Check the wear of vulnerable parts to reduce the resistance and get lubrication when the solenoid valve moves left and right. Pay attention not to add too much, but appropriately.

5. After 30000 times of operation, check the balance spring and make balance adjustment in time. The spring is easy to deform and may change over time, so pay attention.

6. The remote control distance is too short. Please check whether the installation position of the host is covered by metal objects or whether the battery power is sufficient.

7. The remote control battery uses DC12V and 23a batteries, with a service life of one year. Pay attention to replacing the battery. Do not be affected by moisture, falling, and impact.

In short, it is necessary to check and repair in time, otherwise, it will only consume more and more energy and funds if it is not handled all the time.

The power circuit maintenance

1. Cut off the power supply and clean the surface dust. Pay attention not to wash with water to prevent short circuits.

2. Check whether the parameters of each part are normal and whether there are aging electronic components according to the manual of the pedestrian turnstile gate. If there is a problem, find the root of the problem and replace individual electronic components, but note that replacing electronic components requires high technical ability, and contact the turnstile manufacturers as soon as possible.

3. According to the previous use, check whether there are problems in the circuit. If there are no problems, check whether the circuit, power supply, wires, and plug-ins are exposed or loose, wrap them, arrange the wires, tighten the plug-ins, and check whether there is leakage. If the wires are aging, replace them. Check the parameters of each part according to the turnstile gate instruction.

turnstile components

Turnstile Maintenance precautions

Although the turnstile gate has been well maintained, we should pay more attention to its daily maintenance. Let’s take a look at the precautions for turnstile maintenance.

1. The chassis of the turnstile gate is polished stainless steel. It needs to be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to keep a clean and bright surface. It is forbidden to clean the gate surface with hard objects, otherwise, the beautiful surface will be affected. It is also not allowed to clean with water, otherwise, the electrical system will cause a short circuit and the gate may be damaged.

2. It is necessary to regularly use a lubricant to lubricate the mechanism components, and regularly check the connection of socket and wire to ensure stable connection.

3. It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug the port connection socket with electricity. Hot-plug can easily damage the gate control circuit.

4. Regularly check whether the blocking rod of the turnstile gate is damaged. If it is damaged, deal with it in time and pay attention not to collide.

5. When opening and repairing the main machine, auxiliary machine, or chassis of the turnstile gate, be sure to turn off the power connected to the machine.

6. Regularly check whether the fixed screws between the turnstile gate, motor, and rotating arm are loose. If they are loose, tighten them in time. It is recommended to check once a week.

7. The turnstile gate needs to be cleaned regularly, especially to keep the beam window clean. Marble and glass parts usually need to be cleaned with a corrosion-free detergent and a soft lint-free rag every week. It is recommended to wipe the stainless steel surface with dehumidification and antirust cleaner.

7. It is recommended to unpack the equipment for inspection, cleaning, and lubrication every six months. Check whether the mechanical parts are loose and fasten them. Maintenance shall be carried out once a year to replace the worn parts. The power supply must be cut off before opening the cover (please keep the grounding connection)

9. Use compressed air to clean the dust on the electronic components, and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of the turnstile.

10. The infrared acrylic mirror is also cleaned with a non-corrosive cleaning solution and a soft lint-free rag.

11. Before replacing the cover plate, further inspect the situation in the chassis, such as whether the wiring of electrical components is intact, count maintenance tools, and clean sundries.

The above are the precautions for turnstile maintenance. Each step should be completed in accordance with the standards and requirements to ensure that the turnstile gate can not be used normally due to small problems during subsequent use, resulting in after-sales problems.

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The turnstile gates receive so many people every day. If something goes wrong and the turnstile gate will fail to open, then we will have to repair it. In order to avoid this situation and keep the turnstile gate running well, we must pay attention to turnstile maintenance.

This is all the contents of turnstile maintenance. Finally, it must be emphasized that the above turnstile maintenance must be maintained by special personnel, especially the mechanism and circuit parts.

Of course, Here we just describe the simple turnstile maintenance. If there is something wrong with your access control turnstile gate, we suggest that you contact a professional turnstile maintenance person to repair it, or contact the manufacturer to provide technical support.

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