How to install optical swing turnstile?

swing turnstile installation

Last updated on: March 19th, 2024 17:50 pm

Optical turnstile installation demo:

The following is our M series swing turnstile installation video, for your reference only. The installation steps and processes are similar.

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    Optical Turnstile Installation Steps:

    How to install optical swing turnstile? Please refer to the installation steps below:

    1. Site Survey

    Conduct a thorough site survey to assess the location for installation, considering factors such as traffic flow, accessibility, and proximity to power sources and network connections.

    2. Turnstile positioning

    Position the optical swing turnstile units in their designated locations, aligning them with the marked anchor points on the floor. Use a level to ensure the turnstile units are plumb and level before securing them to the floor.

    3. Slotting

    When using open wires, do not slot. When using hidden wires, slotting should be done at the bottom. Use two 6-inch PVC pipes, one for strong current and the other for weak current, with a strong current of 220 volts. For weak current, use a 4-core shielded network cable.

    4. Fixation of chassis

    Fix the position of the turnstile chassis with 4-M10 * 100 expansion screws, horizontally symmetrical. Symmetrical front and back, uniform and consistent, with a gap of 50-80mm between the front chassis and the back swing rod. If it is too small, it will hit the chassis, but if it is too large, it is easy to pass through.

    why use turnstiles

    5. Wiring connections

    The wiring connection is an important part of the optical turnstile installation. The wiring needs to be carried out according to the drawings to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. During the wiring process, attention should be paid to the sealing and safety of the circuit.

    Connect the electrical wiring for the optical swing turnstile units, including power cables and any data connections for integration with access control systems. Follow wiring diagrams provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper connections and compliance with electrical codes.

    Wiring method for optical swing turnstile.

    The wiring method of the optical swing turnstile is relatively simple, usually divided into three parts: power line, opening signal line, and synchronization line. Among them, the power cord is connected to the power source, the open signal cable connects the motherboard and controller, and the synchronization line is connected to the device body. Before wiring, it is necessary to plan and route the circuit according to the drawings to ensure the correctness and safety of the wiring.

    6. Test Turnstile Operation

    After confirming that the power line, synchronization line, and access control signal line are connected correctly, power on for final commissioning.

    Conduct thorough testing of each optical swing turnstile unit to ensure proper operation, including swinging motion, sensor responsiveness, and integration with access control systems. Test various access methods, such as RFID cards or biometric scans, to verify authentication and passage.

    Make any necessary adjustments to the swing turnstile units, such as swing arm tension or sensor sensitivity, to optimize performance and ensure smooth operation. Double-check all connections and hardware to ensure they are secure and functioning correctly.

    If everything is normal, clean the site and complete the installation.

    The optical turnstile installation is very simple and easy, you can complete the installation without any professional skills.

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    optical turnstile installation

    Optical Turnstile Installation Tips:

    Today I summarized some tips about optical turnstile installation, hoping to help the customer-friends who are confused about the optical turnstile installation.

    During the optical turnstile installation, What should we pay attention to?

    1. Mechanism installation:

    In the process of mechanism installation, if the mechanism is installed outdoors, it should be noted that the installation position of the chassis must be higher than the horizontal ground during the installation of the turnstile gate, which can prevent the chassis from entering the water in Rain Water weather. If the power supply cord installed in the indoor chassis must be alone, at the same time to the smallpox line requires a casing embedded in the wall or galvanized steel pipe to protect.

    2. Buried wiring:

    When burying wiring, the line arrangement should be as neat as possible, the signal line should not be parallel to the high power wire, the two ends of the line should be marked well, and all the shielding layers of the shielded cable should be securely grounded. Wire insulation should conform to line installation and laying environment.

    3. Installing the turnstile:

    When installing the gate, remember to align the left and right gates, and remember to power on the test after installation, check the status, and debug the function before it can be put into normal use. If the gate can not work properly, check the line, or check the chassis, and check and repair in time.

    4. Daily maintenance:

    Daily maintenance is a particularly important place for optical turnstile gates. People will be tired for a long time working, and the machine will also have such problems after a long time working, so after the installation of the security turnstile, it doesn’t mean that there is no need to manage maintenance, it needs us to regularly maintain, To ensure that the turnstile gate can work normally for a long time.

    These are the tips and details I can think of in the optical turnstile installation. If you have any other questions during the turnstile gate installation, please contact us for discussion. We not only provide high-quality turnstile gates but also provide the best service and after-sales support.

    Use and maintenance

    After the optical turnstile installation is completed, it needs to be used and maintained. During use, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the user manual to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. During the maintenance process, it is necessary to regularly check the operation of the equipment, clean the surface of the equipment, and maintain mechanical components to ensure the service life and safety of the equipment.

    M Series swing turnstile 4

    In short, as a type of access control equipment, the installation and use of an optical turnstile need to be carried out following technical specifications to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment. In the selection and installation process of the optical swing turnstile, factors such as the quality, function, and specifications of the equipment need to be considered to ensure the selection of suitable equipment, making the access control equipment more efficient, safe, and practical.

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