ESD access control system

ESD access control system

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What is ESD access control system?

ESD access control system is an integrated system integrating access control management system, monitoring system, ESD test system, voice prompt system, etc, which is carefully designed and manufactured on the basis of many years access control technology research and demand analysis, combined with UHF card reading technology, network digital technology, remote alarm technology, computer network software technology, and pedestrian access control technology. The ESD access control system meets the security requirements of safety production. It is an advanced integrated system combining electrostatic tests, electronic pedestrian access control equipment (tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, sliding turnstile, etc.), and computerized management software.

ESD access control system is mainly composed of computer, intelligent card reading part, intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate, electrostatic test, smart card, display screen, and management software. RS485 or TCP / IP network communication is adopted between the computer and the turnstile gate, which can operate both online and offline. The equipment organically integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control, and various reading and writing technologies.

By configuring different reading and writing equipment, adopting reliable safety protection devices, real-time alarm systems, and direction indication interface, combined with a reliable human body comprehensive tester, we can jointly coordinate and realize the intelligent control and management of the passage. It is widely used in MT production line control area, semiconductor industry dust-free room, high-tech R & D room, pharmaceutical factory static control area, hospital control area, biochemical industry static control area, and other places requiring anti-static test and protection.

With the progress of science and technology, the information industry, as a symbol of the 21st century, is strongly impacting and changing people’s thinking and the composition of society. A wave of innovation has swept the whole construction industry and began to popularize the concept of intelligence. Modern buildings have begun to use advanced technologies such as information and network to improve the management level. The safe, comfortable and convenient environment brought by intelligent technology has become the ideal goal pursued by people.

At the same time, the concept of safe production has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and people’s requirements for safe production are becoming higher and higher. People have higher and higher requirements for ESD, so MairsTurnstile has launched a new ESD access control system with a true resistance display to help enterprises understand and protect against static electricity and improve the success rate of products. We can provide all the hardware supporting facilities and software of this ESD access control system. If you need such an ESD access control system, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Due to the limitation of the construction environment, the imperfect safety management of equipment and materials, and the weak self-protection awareness of some employees, it provides an opportunity for employees. In order to further improve factory safety management, monitoring technology can be introduced into the construction site, which has become the first choice of many factory units. Considering various factors, wireless video monitoring technology is widely used by many construction engineering companies due to its advantages of high flexibility, strong expansibility, and simple maintenance. Provide more powerful technical guarantees for enterprise safety prevention and efficient management.

When designing this ESD access control system, we fully consider protecting the product quality as much as possible through this system.

esd turnstile gate system

Where to buy ESD access control system?

Where to buy this ESD access control system? If you want to buy this ESD access control system, please contact us, directly click the online chat button on the lower-left corner or scan the QR code on the right to add my what’s app. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect ESD access control system solution. Mairs provide the whole system, including all accessories hardware products, and software, for example, card readers, anti-static testers, two-foot test pedal, single and double circuit sockets, pedestrian ESD turnstile gate, Linux motherboard, 8-inch LCD display, backstage management software circuit socket, etc. If you need details of all these accessories, please contact our staff for details.

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General requirements for system design

Provide modern production management methods

Through the omnidirectional monitoring of the electrostatic test area, managers and managers can easily understand and master the use of the turnstile gate and the operation of the equipment at each position, find problems and solve them in time, which can effectively improve the work efficiency of managers. It is a necessary measure to improve the management level.

1. Employees only need to verify the face recognition and test the wrist band, and MT-a10 instrument to judge the displayed resistance value. If the resistance value is within the OK range, the turnstile gate will open automatically.

2. Employees only need to verify face recognition and test electrostatic shoes. MT-a10 instrument judges and displays the resistance value of the left and right feet. If the resistance value is within the OK range, the gate will open automatically.

3. Employees verify face recognition and test electrostatic shoes and wrist straps. Mt-a10 instrument displays the resistance value of shoes. If the resistance value is within the OK range, the gate will open automatically.

4. To enter the workshop for viewing, customers and VIPs only need to pass face recognition in front of the turnstile machine, and the turnstile gate will open automatically.

5. To enter the workshop, the boss or manager only needs to recognize the face in front of the turnstile machine, and the turnstile gate can be opened automatically.

6. You can choose to equip with fingerprint recognition, face recognition, or an RFID card reader, and then test.

System design principles

Principle of stability and reliability

The stability and reliability of the system is an important strategy to protect users’ investment and establish a good image of the product brand. The system selects the advanced pedestrian turnstile gate in the industry, and strictly implements the relevant international or industrial standards in the aspects of system design, equipment selection, commissioning, and installation. The system has good stability and reliability.

With its miniaturization and lightweight design, the hardware makes the system achieve a high degree of integration. The software design has been widely used and tested, has good compatibility, and can meet the requirements of stability and high reliability.

Expansibility principle

When designing the system, fully consider the expandability of the function and scale of the system in the design life cycle, so as to lay a foundation for future development and reduce future costs.

The principle of combining advanced and practical nature

The design of the system will adopt the latest products and the most advanced technology, and show the various functions that the users require. It not only keeps the advanced technology, but also ensures the resource allocation is not wasted.

Economic principle

On the basis of ensuring the stability and reliability of the system, considering the advanced nature of the system, we should select systems and equipment as needed, so as to achieve a reasonable, practical, and cost reduction. According to the characteristics of the market, we have formulated practical market strategies to meet the high-performance and low-cost requirements of high-end users in the market.


Multimedia monitoring is adopted, with a friendly interface, convenient and accurate provision of rich information to help and prompt operators to operate, which is easy to learn and use; The operation of the system is simple and fast, so as to ensure that operators at different cultural levels and relevant leaders can skillfully use the operating system.


Highly integrated system equipment selection and modular structure, simple and lively user operation interface, and the working mode of independent operation and networked operation can make it very convenient for users to maintain the system without the help of other tools.

ESD access control system

System design basis

Made according to GJB 3007-97, SJ / T 10694-2006, and ANSI ESD S20 standard. It is a device that can easily and quickly test the wearing of the wrist strap, foot ring, conductive shoes, or anti-static shoes. The practical measurement range is 50KΩ~1000MΩ, and the full range accuracy is less than ± 10%. The operation of the tester is very simple. The green value indicates that it is normal, the Yellow value indicates that it is close to the limit value, and the red value indicates that the test is unqualified (see the test instructions for the specific use method). The user can set relevant parameters according to the test needs.

1. The test resistance value complies with international standards, and the gear standard can be set. Can test single and double wrist straps.

2. It is a touch test, not a key or button type, to avoid poor contact or durability.

3. The foot pedal of the tester shall distinguish the left and right feet to comply with international specifications. It can’t be just a piece of the metal pedal for both feet to test

4. The signal connecting wire between the electrostatic tester and the control system is pluggable, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly when the electrostatic tester is sent for inspection.

5. The tester is divided into stand-alone mode and networking mode, which can be tested separately or connected to the mt-mj10 motherboard to start the tester for testing and recording data. It can also test the wearing of the wrist strap, foot ring, conductive shoes, and anti-static shoes at the same time or by grade, so as to save test time.

6. When connected to the Internet, the tester can be started by swiping the card. When the card is not swiped, the tester displays “idle”, and after swiping the card, it displays “please test”, which can display Chinese simplified, traditional, or English.

7. It has the function of reminding the tester of the near failure of the test results. When the test results are lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the tester screen will use red to display the measured resistance value. When the test result is between the near upper and lower limits and the high and low standards (adjacent to the standards but not higher than the high standard or lower than the low standard), the measured resistance value will be displayed in yellow (although reminded at this time, it is still qualified). When the test result is within the upper and lower limits, the measured resistance value will be displayed in green.

8. When the voice function is installed and turned on, if the test is unqualified or all of them are qualified, a live voice broadcast will remind you.

9. It can be equipped with 8 LCD, and the manager can use the mouse to operate or the computer to remotely set the ESD resistance standard. The set resistance value standard can be displayed on the LCD screen of the tester, which is convenient for users to know the current resistance value standard. The set resistance value will be displayed in the small square of the LCD screen, and the manager can clearly know the current set resistance value (purple font is the low-end resistance value standard, and blue font is the high-end resistance value standard).

10. The test speed is fast. The single machine can display the results within 1 second, display the digital resistance value and distinguish the colors (red exceeds the standard and green is qualified).

11. The wrist strap jack is reserved twice as much as the general single hole tester and has single and double wire wrist strap holes, which can be displayed separately on the LCD screen.

12. Stainless steel shell, the test button is touch-typed, non-general button spring type, durable, high-end, and high-grade.

Application site of system

ESD access control system is widely used in SMT production line control areas, semiconductor industry dust-free rooms, high-tech R & D rooms, national defense and military electrostatic control areas, explosive disposal areas, aerospace maintenance, and calibration area, pharmaceutical factory electrostatic control area, hospital control area, biochemical industry electrostatic control area, semiconductor production line, semiconductor assembly production line, chip, microprocessor, hard disk, driver, composite material Circuit board production line, precision instrument, optical product, aviation industry, optical instrument, electronic production and packaging, chemical industry, optical lens, biomedicine, precision instrument, beverage and food, PCB Printing, packaging and spraying… All kinds of occasions require anti-static tests and protection.

System characteristics

1. Automatic identification of RF-ID card and IC card/fingerprint identification/face recognition

The system uses RF technology to swipe the card to identify personnel information, access the database information, and synchronize in real-time, and multiple people can pass at the same time, which can also be identified quickly. If they are not registered in the system, they can also be identified and prompted.

2. ESD test

The anti-static test instrument can quickly judge the resistance value of testers, and conduct combined tests such as electrostatic ring, left foot electrostatic shoes, right foot electrostatic shoes, etc.

Each passage can be accessed, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment. When personnel passes through, the system can automatically identify the access direction.

3. Real-time upload of card swiping information

The system uploads the information of personnel swiping in and out of the factory site and the qualified test data to the management command center in real-time through TCP / IP network, or automatically sends the test data to the management personnel computer designated by each team by e-mail.

4. Multimedia display screen linkage monitoring function

A large display screen shall be installed on the site of the entrance and exit, and the information of unqualified personnel in the test department shall be displayed on it and marked in red for leaders and customers to watch and verify at any time.

5. Alarm function

For personnel without cards or illegal cards, the turnstile gate will immediately send out audible and visual alarms when passing through the passage. For example, during the commuting period, illegal personnel and people who are not on this floor will follow in, and the turnstile gate system can automatically identify and effectively prevent outsiders from entering, so as to truly combine civil air defense with technical defense and make up for management loopholes.

System structure and composition

ESD access control system

ESD access control system is composed of an RF card reader (optional ID / IC), pedestrian turnstile gate, mt-a10 tester, Linux motherboard, 8-inch display, two-foot test pedal, single and double circuit socket, and platform management software.

1. Card reader

Collect personnel card information, card reader, and card information within 5cm-10cm; You need to swipe your card actively.

2. Pedestrian turnstile gate

When personnel quickly pass through the turnstile gate, they quickly and accurately screen illegal identities and output alarm signals after judging illegal persons, which reflects the organic combination of safety management and humanized management.

3. ESD tester

The core components of the system are the identification of electrostatic ring and electrostatic shoes, the hardware core algorithm, the function of control, identification, alarm, and uploading to the management server through the network.

ESD test instrument is one of the RS485 access control series, which uses standard industrial isolation RS485 communication, and the number of equipment in a management system is not limited; It can be externally connected with two Wigan card readers to realize card swiping in and out of one entrance. It has the characteristics of stable performance, fast communication, large capacity, strong compatibility, and convenient networking.

ESD tester performance parameters

Working voltage: input dc9v1a

External dimension: 115mm * 175mm * 28.5mm

Working hours: Unlimited

Operating environment: humidity: 0% ~ 90%, temperature: – 20C ° ~ 60C °

Display screen: 3.5-inch resistance touch screen

Instrument interface: with single and double circuits

Release static electricity: it has the function of releasing static electricity from the human body

Temperature and humidity: capacitive humidity sensing is more accurate

It can be operated by a single machine and tested to open the gate. It can also choose network card swiping + test to open the gate. There is no test record for a single machine.

Protection measures: semiconductor lightning protection

Reading head frequency: 13.56MHz and 125kHz

Sensing speed: fast card swiping response, less than 0.1 second, and the repeated card swiping interval is less than 1 second

Input interface: Standard Wigan card reader 34 / 26 (RS232 input mode can be customized)

Output interface: RS485 communication

Working status: the LCD screen in the test status displays the resistance value of the wrist strap and electrostatic shoes

Factory default resistance range:

Wrist strap: 750k Ω ~ 35m Ω

Electrostatic shoes: 750k Ω ~ 100m Ω

The touch screen enters the menu to arbitrarily adjust the resistance test range.

4. Linux motherboard

It provides a large amount of data storage, the network can transmit in Gigabit and supports a variety of interface examples (USB2.0, serial port, HDMI) to connect to the high-resolution display screen, with great scalability

Linux host performance parameters

Broadcom bcm2837, chipset, operating frequency 1.2Ghz

64-bit quad-core arm cortex-a53

802.11 B / g / N WLAN

Bluetooth 4.1

Dual core vudeocore IV coprocessor

All latest versions of Linux operating systems are supported

Memory: 2G

Hard disk: 16g

Micro USB connector 2.5A power supply

1 HDMI video port 1 audio port

1 100M Ethernet port

4 USB2 0 port 40 GPIO pins

Resolution: up to 1920 * 1080

Shell material: made of aluminum alloy with high heat dissipation

Working environment: – 15-60 ℃ 0% – 90% relative humidity

Operating system: Linux

5. 8-inch LCD

It can basically have the same functions as the LCD we use. It can display photos in very high definition and process display data at high speed. The most important thing is that it can be perfectly combined with the gate to show its natural atmosphere.

Industrial grade 8-inch LCD

Industrial 8-inch LCD will not appear unstable flower screen with snowflakes like TFT color screen driven by ordinary single-chip microcomputer.

Low temperature, HDMI interface, and computer interface are common, easy to understand, and disassemble.

6. Foot test pedal

It is more efficient, convenient, and beautiful than an ordinary one-leg test.

The original ordinary foot pedal is a layer, and the screw will conduct electricity when contacting the ground, which is easy to be wet, resulting in the inaccurate test. Now, after improving the upper and lower layers, all the wiring screws are placed inside the pedal. The pedal is divided into two layers, which play the role of insulation and moisture-proof and improve the aesthetic requirements.

Moisture-proof, waterproof, fall-proof, with shielding and anti-interference, the test is more accurate.

ESD access control system

Precautions for electrostatic shoes

The soles of electrostatic shoes are made of PVC or PU foam materials, which are integrated with the uppers, and then reinforced online. It can effectively release static electricity and form a complete anti-static system with anti-static clothes. Electrostatic shoes are smart and lightweight. The middle layer of the sole is equipped with anti-static EVA to relieve foot pressure and make them more soft and comfortable.

The fabrics include: PVC leather / leather / leather / Canvas / conductive silk / T / C fabric. The finished shoes are beautiful and generous as a whole, strong and anti-skid, with excellent wear resistance (5 times higher than ordinary soles) and more environmental protection. They are high-quality electrostatic shoes that sell well all over the world.

Features: it can derive the static charge of the human body, and the shoes do not precipitate dust. It can more effectively prevent dust and antistatic. Application scope: electronics, LCD / LCM / LED, semiconductor production, instruments and meters, microelectronics, pharmacy, and food

matters needing attention

1. Electrostatic shoes and conductive shoes should not wear insulated woolen thick socks and insulated insoles at the same time. Electrostatic shoes are prohibited from being used as insulated shoes.

2. The place where electrostatic shoes are used shall be the anti-static ground, and the place where conductive shoes are used shall be the conductive ground.

3. Electrostatic shoes should be used together with electrostatic clothing, and pay attention to the cleanliness, waterproof, and moisture-proof of the product.

4. Generally, the resistance test shall be conducted once within 200 hours. If the resistance is not within the specified range, it cannot be used as electrostatic leather shoes.

7. Single and double circuit socket

It is equipped with a single circuit wrist strap commonly used in the market and a double circuit wrist strap hole with a headphone socket. The equipment is complete and can be changed at will

8. Background management software

It mainly realizes the functions of equipment management and data collection, comprehensive data processing, monitoring equipment management, network linkage, alarm linkage, network mail sending, timely summary of data reports, and so on.

Main functions of the system

The default language is English; You can also customize and add other languages;

Real-time display of test resistance value, visual display of and icons, card-swiping, etc., and automatic data acquisition;

Support full-screen recording and display and live voice broadcasting;

Test wrist strap (single loop / dual loop / cordless)

Test electrostatic shoes (support one-foot test and two-foot test)

The test range can be written freely by computer, and the range value

Integration of test + card swiping + display screen, integration of stainless steel and acrylic

It can coordinate with attendance software. The database of attendance software and ESD system software must be on one computer;

The data table provides import and export functions; Facilitates customer processing;

The software automatically synchronizes the time, and the personnel list is automatically synchronized to the ESD equipment in real-time

It supports the export of multiple reports. The list of unclipped cards and test records are divided into the left foot, right foot, and wrist details

Data update can be selected arbitrarily, with stable speed and arbitrary operation;

The database can be connected with other software to support multi-user and multi-computer real-time management and monitoring;

ESD access control system mode

The ESD access control system is divided into three modes, and each mode is different.

Mode 1: offline ESD access control system (tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, sliding turnstile, and other equipment can be used). Electrostatic testers do not need to swipe their cards to directly test electrostatic items. After the test is successful, the channel gate can enter the workshop. There is no access card swiping test record query, and the traffic speed is fast.

Mode 2: networked ESD access control system(tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, sliding turnstile, and other equipment can be used) electrostatic management software first registers the test items of employee cards (name, Department, test items (only test hands, only test shoes, and no test card on the same side of shoes).

The tester swipes the registered card at the ESD turnstile gate, and then tests according to the registered test items, If the test is successful, the door can be opened to enter the workshop, and if it is unsuccessful, the door will not be opened (replace shoes or wrist straps according to the unqualified results of the test items). The static management software can record the entrance and exit time, channel, test items, test results, name, and Department of the tester.

Mode 3: networked ESD access control system+ LCD display (tripod turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, sliding turnstile, and other equipment can be used) integrates LCD display on the basis of networked ESD access control system. After swiping the card, the name, card number, event test items, results, and other information can be displayed.

The electronics factory can choose any of the above three modes to let all personnel who need to enter the factory pass through the ESD access control system turnstile gate of the electrostatic instrument. When the static electricity of the human body exceeds a certain resistance, the pedestrian access gate will prompt that the test fails, refuse them to pass, and require retesting. In addition, they must swipe the card and generate records at the same time, Recheck suspicious personnel or refuse to enter the workshop, and ensure the production and quality of products.

ESD access control system

Why need ESD access control system

Why should electronic factories install an ESD access control system? In fact, each of us will have more or less static electricity, but some people have large static electricity and some have small static electricity. Most electronic factories will involve electronic components.

If the electrostatic voltage that the human body can feel is more than 2-4kv, if we contact the static electricity we carry in our life with IC components, almost all ICs will be damaged. In addition, static electricity can absorb dust, which will change the impedance before the line, seriously affect its service life, and more seriously, produce unqualified products. If there are no corresponding protective measures in the work, a batch of waste products will be produced, which will bring huge losses to the enterprise.

Static electricity exists all the time. So how can we prevent it! Generally, some manufacturers will provide anti-static clothes, shoes, gloves, hats, and other products. However, the anti-static ability of this kind of product will be reduced after a long time. How can I know whether my anti-static equipment is effective and can be replaced in time? ESD access control system can solve this kind of problem.

Features of management software

One computer can manage multiple sets of ESD access control systems at the same time.

RS485 or TCP/IP communication connection computer management.

It can be used for personnel permission group classification, real-time monitoring, or batch management. It can display the test results of employees every day and record them in the database. The test query results can be saved, analyzed, and utilized.

It can display the test results, record the error causes, such as no bracelet, no left shoe, no right shoe, illegal card, wrong time zone, or too long door opening, and display the door number, card number, job number, name, and other data.

It can query according to various conditions and make multi-functional ESD electrostatic access control management reports according to the combination of conditions such as a month, date, Department, individual, or various error reasons.

It has the procedure of transferring to an excel personnel data sheet, which can directly import the existing personnel datasheet into ESD software.

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