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Last updated on: May 8th, 2021 19:50 pm

Brief Introduction: turnstile gate with face recognition

Recently, because COVID-19 has spread, our life and work caused a lot of inconveniences, we must always do a good job of protection, keep a vigilant attitude to prevent infection with the virus.

A face recognition camera with temperature detection can identify people with fever symptoms very well. Of course, a face recognition camera can also be integrated into the security turnstiles gate. Many companies have installed turnstile gate with face recognition cameras and temperature detection.

In response to the call of government departments and the World Health Organization to actively cooperate in the fight against COVID-19 and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, many companies in the face recognition industry are strengthening research and development, combining traditional face recognition and body temperature detection techniques, and applying them to enterprises, construction sites, communities and other fields, which greatly improve the safety and efficiency of security inspectors and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the world.

turnstile door with face recognition

Face recognition access control system built-in medical level high-precision calibration of non-contact infrared temperature detection module, administrators can preset temperature threshold, achieve beyond the normal temperature range of fever warning voice prompt, And no gate and access trigger action, automatic interception does not allow access passage release, data automatically upload background, support serial communication external acousto-optic alarm, timely warning.

Turnstile gate with Face recognition temperature measurement terminal is a product which people pay more attention recently, so what are the functions? Should we use this? Let’s introduce its basic functions today.

Basic functions of turnstile gate with face recognition

Mode switching function: the direction of entry and exit can be set independently of each other controlled passage / free passage / no traffic.

Automatic return function: the turnstile gate with face recognition receives the legal opening signal in the standby state, and the gate opens the door. The turnstile gate with face recognition wing will automatically return to the zero position of blocking when:

During the permitted passage time, it is detected that the person has passed through the passage in the specified direction;

No passage is detected beyond the permitted passage time.

After scanning your face, verify your identity and display your body temperature correctly.

Automatic reset function: due to human interference, the door pendulum is located in the non-stop zero position, and the back door pendulum automatically returns to the blocking zero position.

Automatic adjustment function: when the mechanical wear of the turnstile gate machine needs to be readjusted, the mainboard can be controlled by the gate machine for automatic adjustment, which is convenient and fast.

Traffic request memory function: when more than 2 legal traffic signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and reverse), the system will remember all traffic requests and complete each traffic action in turn. The number of memories can be up to 255.

 Traffic indication function:

  • Passage status indication: installed on the side of the chassis indicating whether the gate can open the door to receive a legal door signal.
  • Compatibility: Configure dry contact signal input interface, RS485/RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers.
  • Direction of passage indication: installed at the top of the gate indicating the lawful direction of the gate.

Security design of turnstile gate with face recognition

swing turnstile gate with face recognition
  • Power on self-check function: after the power supply system routine self-check and alarm prompt, intelligent detection of key hardware and functions, the shortest time to find hidden dangers!
  • Power off opening function: the system will automatically unlock the door when the power is off, can be manually pushed into an open state, convenient to evacuate people, in line with fire protection requirements.

Anti-clamp function of turnstile gate with face recognition

Infrared anti-clamp and mechanical anti-clamp:

 Infrared anti-clamping: install multiple pairs of infrared detectors in the area near the door pendulum (anti-clamping area). Once a person or object is detected in the anti-clamping area, the door wing will automatically stop the action; the door wing does not continue until the person or object leaves the anti-clamping area.

 Mechanical anti-clamping: when the door wing is obstructed in the course of movement, it will automatically stop the action; the impact force during the movement of the door wing is within a safe range.

Over-force feedback control function: the door wing can withstand the collision force in the safe range under the locked state. When the door wing exceeds the safe range, the door wing can be pushed slowly to protect the movement and pedestrians, and the artificial interference back door wing can be automatically reset.

Emergency escape function: equipped with emergency escape control device, so that the system automatically open the door wing, convenient to evacuate people.

Intelligent linkage alarm: illegal traffic events can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment: such as access control system, video management system.

Our company recently received a customer’s turnstile gate renovation project, require to add new turnstile gate with face recognition on the basis of the original turnstile gate, and required all turnstile gates must have face recognition and temperature detection functions.

security turnstiles with face recognition

The client has the following specific project requirements:

1. this project is a reconstruction project, the original security turnstile gate moving position, add new three groups of turnstile gate with face recognition installed in the original position.

2. face recognition and temperature detection functions must be added, three access control systems and face recognition are also added to the back door of the building.

3. Passage verification mode is credit card verification, card is ID card, card is not replaced, use the original ID card and card number

4. Turnstile gate open door mode: swipe card open door, switch button open door, remote control switch open door

 5. Customer request function: two groups 322 swipe card +switch remote control +switch control, one group Servo Motor Pillar Swing Turnstile+remote control switch

Our engineer according to the customer’s request immediately formulated the corresponding implementation plan. A new turnstile gate is added, which integrates a face recognition camera with a temperature measurement terminal because this is a relatively simple project, so we only need two days and arrange to complete the installation during the weekend break. Does not affect the normal work of the staff, but also ensures that the original IC card can normally pass through the new access control management system.

Through the simple upgrade and transformation of the project, the access control of the office staff can be realized more effectively. COVID-19’s situation is also becoming more and more serious. So it’s very necessary to integrate face recognition with temperature measurement functions on the security turnstiles. It can reflect the fever symptoms in time and effectively, and can be isolated in time. Ensure the safety of other personnel.

If you need to integrate face recognition and temperature measurement functions of the security turnstiles gate, please contact us, we will provide the best service and the best quality turnstile gate with face recognition for sale.

Finally, I hope we can quickly overcome the COVID-19, hope that everyone can quickly recover to their previous life.