Turnstile gate with face recognition

turnstile gate with face recognition

Last updated on: August 30th, 2023 15:58 pm

What is turnstile gate with face recognition?

Turnstile gate with face recognition is a kind of turnstile gate integrated with a face recognition camera to achieve personnel and access control management. It’s is a new security pedestrian turnstile gate product that is produced and applied through the combination of pedestrian turnstile gate and face recognition technology.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the development of turnstile gates has entered a new era of intelligence. Turnstile gate with face recognition has become the most popular turnstile gate at present. It can ensure the accuracy of verification results to the greatest extent, effectively ensure the safety and efficiency of visitors and internal staff, improve the security level and standardize management, and greatly reduce the workload of management personnel. Moreover, visitor data can be automatically recorded for further manual verification or tracking, If attendance is needed, it can also automatically generate attendance data reports.

Recently, because COVID-19 has spread, our life and work caused a lot of inconveniences, we must always do a good job of protection, keep a vigilant attitude to prevent infection with the virus.

A face recognition camera with temperature detection can identify people with fever symptoms very well. Of course, a face recognition camera can also be integrated into the security turnstile gate. Many companies have installed turnstile gate with face recognition cameras and temperature detection.

In response to the call of government departments and the World Health Organization to actively cooperate in the fight against COVID-19 and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, many companies in the face recognition industry are strengthening research and development, combining traditional face recognition and body temperature detection techniques, and applying them to enterprises, construction sites, communities and other fields, which greatly improve the safety and efficiency of security inspectors and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the world.

Composition of turnstile gate with face recognition:

In short, the face recognition turnstile is composed of two parts: the face recognition terminal and the turnstile gate. For more detailed composition of the turnstile gate, please check: turnstile parts

The difference between a facial recognition turnstile and a regular turnstile gate(swing turnstile, tripod turnstile, flap barrier turnstile, speed gate turnstile, sliding turnstile, full height turnstile) is that in addition to swiping cards and QR codes, it can also be used for facial recognition (facial recognition), which not only enhances the experience of entering and exiting, but also enhances security. For other types of turnstiles mentioned above, you can refer to our article: turnstile gate with card reader and QR code turnstile.

Face recognition has the characteristics of visualization and conforming to human thinking habits, which is to some extent more convenient and secure than passwords, keys, etc. The dynamic face recognition turnstile integrates functions such as on-site face collection, identity verification, blacklist warning, etc. It automates the entire process from reading ID card information to on-site collection of face photos, comparison, and obtaining results, without the need for additional peripheral hardware configuration.

Where to buy a turnstile gate with face recognition?

If you want to buy a turnstile gate with face recognition, please check our products page as follows, We can also provide a face recognition camera separately, We can also customize the face recognition camera according to your exact needs. if you have any questions, please contact us, directly click the what’s app button in the lower right corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems.

Advantages of turnstile gate with face recognition:

Many customers consider buying a turnstile gate with face recognition, so what are the unique benefits of this product?

1. Multifunctional

The turnstile gate with face recognition integrates multiple systems such as access control, visitors, and attendance, which can achieve multiple functions without the need for manual management.

Multiple card swiping integration modes: it supports IC card swiping, ID card swiping, face swiping, and a combination of the three modes.

Design of embedded hardware and software integrated machine: It can work offline, with high reliability, easy installation, and flexible deployment.

Strong compatibility: Wigan output + relay output, widely applicable to different kinds of access control gate channels

2. Non-contact

The process of facial verification does not require contact with devices or terminals, which is completely different from fingerprint and clock-in. Strong experience, equipment should not be frequently touched, high stability, and low failure rate.

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3. Safe, fast, and accurate use

Combined with a dynamic facial recognition system, it eliminates counterfeiting, check-in, and other situations, resulting in fast visitor registration and low recognition error rate. With the development of computer technology, under the comparison of fixed sample databases, the speed of facial recognition can be increased to 0.3 seconds per person. Different angles, wearing glasses, makeup, and other facial changes can also be modified by adjusting facial recognition algorithms to modify the comparison data.

The face recognition turnstile has a high-precision recognition rate, the accuracy rate is 99.4% (under the error rate of 1 / 10000), and the accuracy rate is 95% (under the error rate of 1 / 10 million).

The accuracy of face recognition exceeds that of human eyes.

4. Naturalness

The first perception of object feature recognition by humans is transmitted back to the brain through the senses of the eyes. Face recognition technology is the process of deep learning of human senses back to the brain through computers. Therefore, compared to other biometric recognition technologies, face recognition technology is more natural in use and experience, does not require other object features, and will not be lost or copied.

5. Difficulty in disguise and deception

The system dynamically analyzes the faces in the video to determine whether they are real faces. It can effectively identify counterfeit and fraudulent methods such as high-definition photos, PS, 3D models, and face changing, ensuring that the traveler is the real person.

Support in vivo verification and detection: prevent hacker attacks such as 3D printing, electronic screens, masks, and headgear.

6. Implement unmanned function

Release both hands, no need for manual registration and statistical management, all online implementation, real-time data query, and convenient table extraction.

With the maturity of facial recognition technology, the development of secure access control has entered a new era of intelligence. Access control facial recognition technology not only facilitates entry and exit, reduces tedious processes, but also greatly improves security and building control.

Functions of turnstile gate with face recognition:

Turnstile gate with face recognition and temperature measurement terminal is a product to which people have paid more attention recently, so what are the functions of a turnstile gate with face recognition?

1. Face recognition: Face recognition is the core function of turnstile gate with face recognition. This function is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which can recognize the facial features of people and compare them with known facial data to determine whether they are allowed to enter the access control area.

2. Entry and exit records: A turnstile gate with face recognition can record users’ entry and exit records and save these records for future viewing or export. This can help managers better understand the activity trajectory of employees or users.

3. Anti-face brushing: In order to prevent fraudulent behavior using non-real facial information such as photos and videos, facial recognition access control can also have anti anti-face brushing function. It can detect non-real faces such as photos and videos, and reject these non-real faces.

4. Multiple verification methods: Turnstile gate with face recognition can support multiple verification methods, including face recognition, card recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. Users can choose the most suitable verification method according to their own needs.

5. Alarm function: When the turnstile gate with face recognition recognizes illegal entry or other abnormal situations, it can send out an alarm message in a timely manner to remind management personnel to take action in a timely manner.

6. Remote management: Turnstile gate with face recognition can be connected to the network to achieve remote management. Management personnel can remotely monitor and manage access control through cloud platforms or mobile applications

7. Automatic return function: The turnstile gate with face recognition receives the legal opening signal in the standby state, and the gate opens the door.

The turnstile gate with face recognition wing will automatically return to the zero position of blocking when:

During the permitted passage time, it is detected that the person has passed through the passage in the specified direction;

No passage is detected beyond the permitted passage time.

After scanning your face, verify your identity and display your body temperature correctly.

8. Automatic reset function: Due to human interference, the door pendulum is located in the non-stop zero position, and the back door pendulum automatically returns to the blocking zero position.

9. Traffic request memory function: When more than 2 legal traffic signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and reverse), the system will remember all traffic requests and complete each traffic action in turn. The number of memories can be up to 255.

10. Traffic indication function: Passage status indication: installed on the side of the chassis indicating whether the gate can open the door to receive a legal door signal.

The direction of passage indication: installed at the top of the gate indicating the lawful direction of the gate.

Compatibility: Configure dry contact signal input interface, RS485/RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

face recognition turnstile

11. Power on self-check function: after the power supply system routine self-check and alarm prompt, intelligent detection of key hardware and functions, the shortest time to find hidden dangers!

12. Power off opening function: the system will automatically unlock the door when the power is off, can be manually pushed into an open state, convenient to evacuate people, in line with fire protection requirements.

13. Anti-clamp function:

Infrared anti-clamp and mechanical anti-clamp:

Infrared anti-clamping: Install multiple pairs of infrared detectors in the area near the door pendulum (anti-clamping area). Once a person or object is detected in the anti-clamping area, the door wing will automatically stop the action; the door wing does not continue until the person or object leaves the anti-clamping area.

Mechanical anti-clamping: When the door wing is obstructed in the course of movement, it will automatically stop the action; the impact force during the movement of the door wing is within a safe range.

14. Over-force feedback control function: The door wing can withstand the collision force in the safe range under the locked state. When the door wing exceeds the safe range, the door wing can be pushed slowly to protect the movement and pedestrians, and the artificial interference back door wing can be automatically reset.

15. Emergency escape function: equipped with an emergency escape control device, so that the system automatically opens the door wing, convenient to evacuate people.

16. Intelligent linkage alarm: Illegal traffic events can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment: such as access control systems, and video management systems.

How to use the turnstile gate with face recognition

Process steps for using facial recognition turnstile:

Simply put, the face recognition turnstile captures facial information and performs face recognition detection in the cloud. If it meets the requirements, the turnstile gate with face recognition will open the door, but if it does not meet the requirements, the face recognition turnstile will not open the door.

1. When the face is located 0.8-1 meters away from the recognition terminal screen and facing the screen, it is sufficient to brush the face. If the face is successfully brushed, there will be a sound prompt;

2. After successfully brushing your face, the facial recognition turnstile can be opened and quickly passed through.

3. Those who have not registered their faces need to enter and exit the turnstile gate with face recognition, please use a remote control to open the turnstile gate, and conduct personnel registration.

4. In case of emergencies or emergency drills, all facial recognition turnstiles and side doors should be opened to quickly pass through;

5. If there are other situations such as damage to the face recognition turnstile that prevent personnel from entering and exiting, power should be cut off and the open mode should be maintained;

Precautions for using turnstile gate with face recognition:

1. Requirements for facial recognition pass: When passing through the facial recognition turnstile, please queue up in an orderly manner to brush your face, facing the camera directly, and do not wear objects that block your face when brushing. Only after completing the recognition and displaying your name on the display screen can you pass.

2. Traffic direction recognition: When passing through the face recognition turnstile, if there are also people on the opposite side performing face recognition, the traffic sign directly above the gate should be checked, and the green arrow should be displayed on the side that passes before passing.

3. Reverse intrusion interception: If the person displays a red arrow in their direction and forcibly passes through the face recognition turnstile, the illegal intrusion interception mechanism will be triggered, and the face recognition turnstile will immediately close the barrier, posing a risk of being caught by pedestrians. Therefore, please do not reverse intrusion interception.

4. Trailing traffic interception: When passing through the facial recognition turnstile, whoever brushes their face and passes should follow the principle of “one person, one brush, one person, one pass”. Do not simply follow the students in front of you through facial recognition turnstile without brushing your face. When the backend system detects the presence of a trailing person, the gate will be immediately closed, posing a risk of being trapped. Therefore, please do not follow through.

5. Violation of proxy swiping judgment: Helping others proxy swiping will cause one’s own records to be unable to form a closed loop, prompting “proxy swiping” and unable to travel together. If this problem occurs, it is necessary to ask the management personnel to open the emergency door and re-enter and exit to ensure normal operation.

Application of turnstile gate with face recognition:

In recent years, with the vigorous development of facial technology, facial recognition turnstile gates have also been widely used in various scenarios. Facial recognition technology is widely used in identity recognition systems of access control systems, which will greatly improve the security, accuracy, and simplicity of access control systems.

Facial recognition algorithms are widely used in the turnstile gate industry, today’s facial recognition algorithms can already ensure the excellent performance of various indicators such as recognition rate, recognition speed, error rate, and rejection rate, ensuring short-distance facial detection and capture, and can be widely and stably applied in access control systems.

Typical application scenarios of turnstile gate with face recognition:

1. In public transportation places such as airports, train stations, and customs. The combination of facial recognition and ID card real-name registration system verification allows passengers to self-check or check-in for customs clearance instead of manual verification. The recognition speed is very fast, improving the convenience of passengers’ travel.

2. Install facial recognition access control devices in the office building, which can achieve intelligent office work. Users can bid farewell to the traditional card-swiping method and simply recognize their faces to enter and exit. This not only strengthens the management and service of the office building, but also enhances the user experience. At the same time, enterprises and properties can also use the data collected through gates to optimize management plans.

3. The application of turnstile gate with face recognition in residential areas has made security measures within the community more technological. It replaces the role of a security guard, identifying more accurately and without omissions than security guards, and can better create convenient channels for community residents to prevent unauthorized entry by outsiders. When residents carry large and small bags, it is not convenient to find the card, forget to bring it, or lose the door card. Don’t worry. They can enter as long as they show their face, which is very convenient and can enhance the sense of security of residents in the community.

4. Turnstile gate with face recognition application in construction sites. This system utilizes facial recognition technology to brush faces and enter and exit the construction site, allowing multiple people to pass through simultaneously. It has fast recognition speed, a high recognition rate, a large facial capacity, and is convenient to use. At the same time, it also avoids situations where workers forget or lose their cards, and others use their cards to swipe instead.

5. At the entrance of government agencies and office areas, personnel and visitors are managed through turnstile gate with face recognition. It can effectively guide the flow of people and manage the access rights of personnel throughout the building, providing an efficient solution for personnel management.

6. Large enterprise factories have high personnel mobility, which is a high-frequency application scenario for facial recognition gates. Used for channel management to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

7. Turnstile gate with face recognition is used in densely populated places such as kindergartens, university libraries, and dormitories. you can check related article: school turnstile

The safety of children in kindergartens has always been a focus of attention for all parties. Facial recognition turnstile gates can effectively control the random entry and exit of outsiders, and serve as a management basis for parents to authenticate their identity when picking up and dropping off children, effectively preventing incidents of strangers impersonating children and providing strong security for the safety of kindergartens.

8. Swimming halls, exhibition halls, sports halls, and other places are highly concentrated in personnel. Effective management of this highly concentrated residential area is a challenging task, and a turnstile gate with face recognition can effectively distinguish blacklisted personnel. At the same time, combined with a turnstile ticketing system, effective ticket inspection is carried out for personnel entering and exiting the museum to improve work efficiency, save time for personnel entering and exiting, and promote the construction of “smart scenic spots”.

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How to input a face into a facial recognition turnstile

With the continuous development of technology, facial recognition technology has gradually spread to many scenes in our daily lives, such as a turnstile access control system. Compared with traditional access control methods, facial recognition access control will be more secure, reliable, and convenient to use. However, some people may feel confused about how to input their facial information. Let me tell you how facial recognition is input.

Firstly, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding equipment. Usually, a turnstile gate with face recognition is equipped with professional cameras and facial recognition. If you do not have these devices, you need to contact the relevant manufacturer or service provider to purchase them.

Next, open the management background of the facial recognition device or the device side settings interface. Here, you can find options for “facial input” or “facial registration”. After clicking to enter, you will see an interface similar to taking photos.

Then, stand in front of the camera, raise your head, keep your face facing the camera, try to maintain a natural facial expression, and avoid obstructing your face, such as wearing glasses, masks, etc. At the camera prompt, perform facial input. When entering, it is important to note that the number of faces entered each time should be as consistent as possible, and it is recommended not to exceed 5.

Save the entered facial information. After the input is completed, the turnstile gate with face recognition will automatically save your facial information and bind it to your account. In this way, in future use, when you stand in front of the turnstile gate with face recognition, it can recognize your facial information through the camera, thus achieving fast door opening.

Overall, the process of inputting faces into the turnstile gate with face recognition is very simple, just prepare the corresponding equipment and follow the prompts to input faces. However, during the input process, it is important to maintain a natural facial expression and avoid obstructing the face to ensure successful entry.

How to install face recognition terminal on turnstile gate?

Turnstile gate with face recognition is a common entrance and exit access control management equipment in various office buildings or outdoor scenes. Its installation can refer to the relevant tutorial steps. Today, let’s introduce the installation of the face recognition terminal.

1. The face recognition terminal is also called a face recognition camera. The first step of its installation is to install the aluminum alloy gasket and rubber gasket matched with the equipment.

2. A hole with a diameter of 36-38mm shall be opened at the position where the face recognition terminal is installed at the pedestrian turnstile gate for threading and fixing the base.

3. Install the face recognition terminal in the pedestrian turnstile gate through the hole punched above, and install another gasket.

4. Take out the fixing screw to fix the face recognition terminal.

5. After adjusting the installation angle of the face recognition terminal, tighten the fixing screw.

6. Confirm the corresponding interface and connect the corresponding power cord.

7. The face recognition terminal is installed and tested.

Working principle of turnstile gate with face recognition:

The turnstile gate with face recognition is based on the hardware machine turnstile gate. It adds a face recognition module. It collects visitors’ face information and judges the access rights through certain algorithm processing. Now it is often used in public places to replace manual audits. Let’s explain the principle of the turnstile gate with face recognition:

When entering and leaving the turnstile gate, the face information of the person passing through the turnstile gate is collected through the face recognition camera, and then compared with the personnel information in the system database. If the face recognition comparison is passed, the gate opening signal is sent to the turnstile gate, and pedestrians can pass through the turnstile gate.

If there is no face information of the person passing through the turnstile gate in the database, they can pass through the gate by swiping the card. If unauthorized persons break-in illegally, the rear baffle of the gate will automatically lock and give an alarm. If there is a tailing situation, the gate will light red light and give an alarm. Anti retrograde: After face recognition, if the other party has staff retrograde, the gate baffle will be closed and locked automatically.

The face recognition system can also retain the face recognition results, provide statistical analysis function, and display the scene face recognition situation, and query the recognition results through the screen. In addition, it can also realize the work attendance of the company.

A brief overview of the above working principle of turnstile gate with face recognition is as follows: the face recognition system is embedded in the turnstile gate in the form of modules, and face recognition cameras are installed on the turnstile gate. When the personnel in the entrance and exit pass through the turnstile gate, the front-end camera captures the face image or video of the passing staff, and the system automatically detects and tracks the face in the image or dynamic video, And through a series of related technologies to locate the face of the collected image.

Finally, through the cross-comparison between the pictures obtained on the scene and the extracted ID information, the consistency between the witness and the ID can be maintained. Then, according to the comparison results, the turnstile gate wing is determined whether the gate is open or not. If the comparison is successful, the in and out staff can pass. If the comparison is not successful, the turnstile gate will not be opened. Above is the working principle of turnstile gate with face recognition.

Face recognition access control system built-in medical level high-precision calibration of non-contact infrared temperature detection module, administrators can preset temperature threshold, achieve beyond the normal temperature range of fever warning voice prompt, and no gate and access trigger action, automatic interception does not allow access passage release, data automatically upload a background, support serial communication external acoustic-optic alarm, timely warning.

A real case of turnstile gate with face recognition:

Our company recently received a customer’s turnstile gate renovation project, require to add a new turnstile gate with face recognition on the basis of the original turnstile gate, and required all turnstile gates must have face recognition and temperature detection functions.

The client has the following specific project requirements:

1. This project is a reconstruction project, the original security turnstile gate moving position, add new three groups of turnstile gate with face recognition installed in the original position.

2. Face recognition and temperature detection functions must be added, three access control systems and face recognition are also added to the back door of the building.

3. Passage verification mode is credit card verification, the card is an ID card, the card is not replaced, use the original ID card and card number

4. Turnstile gate open door mode: swipe card open door, switch button open door, remote control switch open door

 5. Customer request function: two groups 322 swipe card +switch remote control +switch control, one group Servo Motor Pillar Swing Turnstile+remote control switch

Our engineer according to the customer’s request immediately formulated the corresponding implementation plan. A new turnstile gate is added, which integrates a face recognition camera with a temperature measurement terminal because this is a relatively simple project, so we only need two days and arrange to complete the installation during the weekend break. Does not affect the normal work of the staff, but also ensures that the original IC card can normally pass through the new access control management system.

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Through the simple upgrade and transformation of the project, the access control of the office staff can be realized more effectively. COVID-19’s situation is also becoming more and more serious. So it’s very necessary to integrate face recognition with temperature measurement functions on the security turnstiles. It can reflect the fever symptoms in time and effectively, and can be isolated in time. Ensure the safety of other personnel.

If you need to integrate face recognition camera and temperature measurement functions on any type of security turnstiles from Mairs, please contact us and we will provide you with satisfactory products and services. We can also provide a face recognition camera to you separately, and we can also customize a face recognition camera separately according to your special requirements, it is our pursuit and responsibility to provide customers with a satisfactory turnstile gate with face recognition.

Finally, I hope we can quickly overcome COVID-19, hope that everyone can quickly recover to their previous life.

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