Turnstile gate with face recognition

turnstile gate with face recognition

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Turnstile gate with face recognition:

A turnstile gate with face recognition is an access control turnstile device that verifies identity by analyzing user facial features. This type of turnstile gate typically uses a camera to capture a user’s facial image and authenticate their identity through facial recognition algorithms.

A turnstile gate with face recognition integrates facial recognition technology into the access control system. This advanced security solution enhances the efficiency and accuracy of controlling pedestrian access while maintaining a high level of security.

Composition of turnstile gate with face recognition:

The composition of a turnstile gate with face recognition consists of two main parts: the face recognition terminal and the turnstile gate. Let’s explore these components in more detail:

Face Recognition Terminal:

Face Recognition Camera: This is a specialized camera designed to capture facial images with high precision. It is integrated into the face recognition terminal.

Facial Recognition Algorithms: These are advanced algorithms responsible for processing facial images, creating biometric templates, and comparing them with preregistered templates to verify the identity of individuals.

Temperature Detection (Optional): Some face recognition terminals are equipped with temperature detection capabilities to identify individuals with elevated body temperatures.

Turnstile Gate:

The turnstile gate is the physical barrier that controls pedestrian access. The type of turnstile gate can vary, and popular types include: swing turnstiletripod turnstileflap barrier turnstilespeed gate turnstilesliding turnstilefull height turnstile

Access Control System:

The face recognition terminal is connected to an access control system. The access control system determines whether to grant or deny access based on the facial recognition results.

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User Database:

The system maintains a database of preregistered facial templates of authorized users. These templates are used for comparison during the facial recognition process.

Integration with Other Systems:

The turnstile gate with face recognition can be integrated with other security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and visitor management systems for comprehensive security.

Data Logging and Reporting:

The system records access events, including the time, date, and identity of individuals passing through the turnstile gate with face recognition. This data can be used for attendance tracking, security audits, and reporting.

Alarm and Notification Features:

In case of unauthorized access or abnormal situations (e.g., elevated body temperature), the system can trigger alarms and send notifications to security personnel or administrators.

Customization and Scalability:

These systems are often customizable to fit specific requirements and can be scalable to accommodate varying levels of security needs.

Contactless Access:

Users can gain access without physical contact with the turnstile gate, contributing to a hygienic and convenient access control solution.

The combination of facial recognition technology and turnstile gates enhances security measures and provides a seamless and user-friendly access experience in various environments. The integration of these components contributes to a comprehensive access control solution.

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    Benefits of turnstile gate with face recognition:

    Many customers consider buying a turnstile gate with face recognition, so what are the unique benefits of this product? The turnstile gate with face recognition offers several unique benefits, making it a versatile and advanced solution for access control. Here are some of the key advantages:

    Biometric Authentication:

    Face Recognition: Instead of traditional methods like card swiping or fingerprint scanning, users can gain access by having their faces scanned and matched with preregistered facial templates.

    High Accuracy and Security:

    Facial recognition provides a high level of accuracy in identity verification, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access.

    Contactless Access:

    Users do not need to physically touch the turnstile gate. They simply need to stand in front of the camera for facial recognition.

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    Fast and Efficient:

    Face recognition is a quick process, allowing for swift passage through the turnstile gate. This is particularly useful in high-traffic areas.

    User Convenience:

    Users don’t need to carry access cards or remember PIN codes. Their face serves as a secure and convenient means of identification.

    Integration with Access Control Systems:

    Face recognition turnstile gates can be seamlessly integrated with broader access control systems, allowing for centralized management and monitoring.

    Anti-Spoofing Measures:

    Advanced systems incorporate anti-spoofing measures to prevent unauthorized access through the use of photographs or other methods.

    Real-time Monitoring and Reporting:

    Administrators can monitor access logs and receive real-time alerts for any suspicious activities or attempted breaches.


    Turnstile gate with face recognition can often be customized to meet specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

    Compliance with Privacy Regulations:

    Systems are designed to comply with privacy regulations, and some may store only encrypted templates rather than actual facial images.

    Reduced Risk of Credential Loss:

    Unlike traditional access methods involving cards or key fobs, users cannot lose or forget their faces, reducing the risk of unauthorized access due to lost credentials.

    Durable Construction:

    Turnstile gates are typically constructed with durable materials to withstand constant use and various environmental conditions.

    Multimodal fusion:

    Facial recognition gates can be integrated with other biometric technologies such as fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, etc. to improve the accuracy and reliability of identity verification.

    Multi-angle recognition:

    Some facial recognition turnstiles support multi-angle recognition, even if the user’s head posture changes slightly, the system can still perform accurate facial recognition, improving applicability.

    Data recording and statistics:

    The facial recognition gate is equipped with a function to record user travel information, including travel time, frequency, etc., to facilitate data analysis, statistics, and review by managers

    Strong adaptability:

    Facial recognition technology is suitable for different lighting conditions and environments, has a certain anti-interference ability, and can operate stably in diverse scenes.

    Suitable for various environments, including office buildings, airports, government facilities, and other secure locations.

    It’s important to note that the effectiveness of a face recognition turnstile gate depends on the quality of the facial recognition technology used and its implementation. Regular updates, proper maintenance, and integration with a robust access control system contribute to a secure and reliable solution.

    Overall, facial recognition gates have significant advantages in improving safety, convenience, and efficiency, and are therefore widely used in many industries and places.

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    Functions of turnstile gate with face recognition:

    The turnstile gate with face recognition offers a range of functions that contribute to efficient access control, security, and user management. Here are the key functions of a turnstile gate with face recognition:

    Face Recognition:

    Core function based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Recognizes facial features, compares them with known data, and determines access permission.

    Entry and Exit Records:

    Records users’ entry and exit activities, providing a log for management analysis.

    Helps in tracking the movement and attendance of employees or users.

    Anti-face Brushing:

    Prevents fraudulent attempts using non-real facial information such as photos or videos.

    Detects and rejects non-real faces, enhancing security.

    Multiple Verification Methods:

    Supports various verification methods, including face recognition, card recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

    Users can choose the most suitable method based on their preferences or security needs.

    Alarm Function:

    Issues alarms in case of illegal entry or other abnormal situations.

    Prompts management personnel to take timely action.

    Remote Management:

    Connects to the network for remote access and management.

    Enables monitoring and control through cloud platforms or mobile applications.

    Automatic Return Function:

    Opens the gate upon receiving a legal signal during the permitted passage time.

    Automatically returns the gate to the blocking zero position after passage or when no passage is detected within the permitted time.

    Automatic Reset Function:

    Resets the gate automatically to the blocking zero position in case of human interference.

    Traffic Request Memory Function:

    Remembers multiple legal traffic signals and processes each traffic action in turn.

    Supports up to 255 memories for traffic requests.

    Traffic Indication Function:

    Indicates the passage status and lawful direction through visual cues on the gate.

    Helps users understand whether the gate is ready to receive legal signals.

    Power On Self-Check Function:

    Conducts routine self-checks and alarms for system health.

    Intelligent detection of key hardware and functions to identify hidden dangers quickly.

    Power Off Opening Function:

    Unlocks the door automatically in case of a power outage.

    Can be manually pushed into an open state to facilitate evacuation, complying with fire protection requirements.

    Anti-clamp Function:

    Infrared anti-clamping and mechanical anti-clamping mechanisms.

    Stops the door wing when an obstruction is detected and ensures a safe range of impact force during movement.

    Emergency Escape Function:

    Equipped with an emergency escape control device for quick opening of the door wing.

    Facilitates easy evacuation during emergencies.

    Intelligent Linkage Alarm:

    Links illegal traffic events with other alarm monitoring equipment, such as access control and video management systems.

    Enhances overall security by integrating with other surveillance measures.

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    How to use the turnstile gate with face recognition

    The usage of a turnstile gate with face recognition involves the following steps:

    Positioning and Facial Brushing:

    Stand within the specified distance (0.8-1 meter) from the recognition terminal screen.

    Face the screen, and the system captures facial information when the face is properly positioned.

    Brush the face, and upon successful recognition, there will be a sound prompt.

    Gate Opening:

    After successful facial brushing, the turnstile gate with face recognition will open, allowing quick passage.

    Registration for Non-registered Faces:

    Individuals who have not registered their faces need to use a remote control to open the turnstile gate.

    They should then proceed with the registration process for facial recognition.

    Emergency Situations:

    In case of emergencies or emergency drills, all facial recognition turnstiles and side doors should be opened to facilitate quick passage.

    Dealing with Malfunctions:

    If there are issues such as damage to the face recognition turnstile preventing normal entry and exit, the power should be cut off.

    Maintain an open mode to allow personnel to pass through without hindrance.

    These steps outline a straightforward process where individuals can quickly and securely pass through the turnstile gate with face recognition after successful facial brushing. In cases where registration is needed or during emergencies, appropriate measures are outlined for a seamless user experience.

    Precautions for using turnstile gate with face recognition:

    Precautions for using a turnstile gate with face recognition:

    Orderly Face Recognition Pass:

    Queue up in an orderly manner when passing through the facial recognition turnstile.

    Face the camera directly and avoid wearing objects that block the face during recognition.

    Only proceed after completing the recognition and seeing your name displayed on the screen.

    Traffic Direction Recognition:

    Check the traffic sign directly above the gate when passing through.

    If there are people on the opposite side performing face recognition, follow the displayed green arrow for the correct direction.

    Avoid Reverse Intrusion:

    If the red arrow is displayed in the direction of passage, do not forcibly pass through the turnstile.

    The illegal intrusion interception mechanism may trigger, causing the barrier to close abruptly.

    Prevent Trailing Traffic:

    Follow the principle of “one person, one brush, one person, one pass” when passing through the facial recognition turnstile.

    Do not simply follow others without brushing your face, as it may trigger the system to close the gate.

    Avoid Violation of Proxy Swiping:

    Helping others with proxy swiping may lead to records being unable to form a closed loop.

    This can prompt warnings such as “proxy swiping,” and individuals may be unable to travel together.

    In case of such issues, contact management personnel to open the emergency door and re-enter and exit for normal operation.

    Adhering to these precautions ensures a smooth and secure experience when using the turnstile gate with face recognition, minimizing the risk of issues such as reverse intrusion, trailing traffic, or proxy swiping.

    Application of turnstile gate with face recognition:

    The application of turnstile gate with face recognition is diverse and extends to various scenarios, providing efficient and secure solutions for access control and personnel management. The adoption of facial recognition technology enhances convenience, accuracy, and security across different environments. Some notable application scenarios include:

    Public Transportation Hubs:

    Airports, train stations, and customs use facial recognition turnstile gates for self-check or check-in, improving the efficiency of passenger clearance and enhancing travel convenience.

    Office Buildings:

    Facial recognition access control devices in office buildings simplify entry and exit procedures, offering a secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional card-swiping methods.

    Residential Areas:

    In residential communities, turnstile gate with face recognition enhance security by accurately identifying residents and preventing unauthorized entry by outsiders, creating a convenient and secure environment.

    Construction Sites:

    Facial recognition at construction sites allows workers to enter and exit without physical cards, improving efficiency and avoiding issues related to forgotten or lost cards.

    Government Agencies and Office Areas:

    Turnstile gate with face recognition manage personnel and visitors at the entrance of government agencies and office areas, guiding the flow of people and efficiently managing access rights.

    Large Enterprise Factories:

    High personnel mobility in large enterprise factories benefits from facial recognition gates, providing efficient channel management and enhancing overall personnel management.

    Educational Institutions:

    In places like kindergartens, university libraries, and dormitories, facial recognition turnstile gates contribute to the safety of children by controlling access and serving as a secure authentication method for parents.

    Densely Populated Places:

    Locations such as swimming halls, exhibition halls, and sports arenas use turnstile gates with face recognition for effective personnel management, distinguishing blacklisted individuals, and facilitating ticket inspection.

    The widespread adoption of turnstile gates with face recognition demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of this technology in enhancing security, efficiency, and overall management across various sectors.

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    How to input a face into a facial recognition turnstile

    The process of inputting a face into a facial recognition turnstile typically involves the following steps:

    Access the Management Background:

    Open the management background or settings interface of the facial recognition device. This can be done through a computer or a dedicated interface provided by the turnstile gate with face recognition.

    Locate “Facial Input” or “Facial Registration” Option:

    Look for the option that allows you to input or register facial information. This option is often labeled as “Facial Input” or “Facial Registration.”

    Prepare for Facial Input:

    Stand in front of the camera with your face clearly visible. Ensure that your head is raised, and your face is facing the camera directly. Try to maintain a natural facial expression.

    Avoid Obstructions:

    Remove any obstructions that may interfere with facial recognition, such as glasses, masks, or anything that covers a significant portion of your face.

    Follow Camera Prompts:

    Follow the prompts provided by the camera or the system interface. This may involve looking directly at the camera during the input process.

    Perform Facial Input:

    Perform the facial input as instructed. This may involve holding still for a moment to allow the camera to capture your facial features.

    Repeat for Consistency:

    If prompted, repeat the facial input process a few times. It is advisable to keep the number of faces entered consistent and usually not exceeding a certain limit.

    Save Entered Facial Information:

    After completing the facial input, the turnstile gate with face recognition system will automatically save your facial information and associate it with your account.


    The system may provide confirmation that the facial information has been successfully saved.

    Recognition in Future Use:

    In future use, when you approach the turnstile gate with face recognition, the system will use the captured facial information to recognize you and grant access accordingly.

    It’s crucial to follow the system prompts and maintain a natural facial expression during the input process to ensure successful and accurate recognition in subsequent uses of the turnstile gate with face recognition. If there are specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer or service provider, those should be followed for optimal results.

    How to install face recognition terminal on turnstile gate?

    The installation of a face recognition terminal on a turnstile gate involves several steps. Here is a detailed guide:

    Materials Needed:

    Face recognition terminal

    Aluminum alloy gasket

    Rubber gasket

    Fixing screw

    Power cord

    Installation Steps:

    Prepare the Materials:

    Ensure you have all the necessary materials, including the face recognition terminal, aluminum alloy gasket, rubber gasket, fixing screw, and power cord.

    Open Hole for Threading:

    Identify the position on the pedestrian turnstile gate where the face recognition terminal will be installed.

    Open a hole with a diameter of 36-38mm at this position. This hole is used for threading and fixing the base of the face recognition terminal.

    Install Gaskets:

    Place the aluminum alloy gasket and rubber gasket around the hole you’ve opened for the face recognition terminal.

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    Thread and Fix the Base:

    Thread the face recognition terminal through the hole you’ve opened.

    Install the face recognition terminal’s base, ensuring a secure fit.

    Fix the Terminal:

    Use the fixing screw to secure the face recognition terminal in place.

    Tighten the screw to ensure the terminal is securely fixed.

    Adjust the Installation Angle:

    Adjust the installation angle of the face recognition terminal as needed for optimal performance.

    Ensure the terminal is positioned correctly for facial recognition.

    Connect Power Cord:

    Identify the corresponding power interface on the face recognition terminal.

    Connect the power cord to the terminal, ensuring a secure connection.

    Final Check:

    Double-check all connections and ensure that the face recognition terminal is securely installed.

    Conduct a brief test to verify that the terminal is operational.

    By following these steps, you can properly install a face recognition terminal on a turnstile gate, enhancing access control and security in various settings. If you encounter any issues during installation, refer to the product’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

    Working principle of turnstile gate with face recognition:

    The turnstile gate with face recognition operates based on a combination of hardware, face recognition technology, and access control principles. The working principle can be summarized as follows:

    Face Information Collection:

    When an individual approaches the turnstile gate, a face recognition camera captures the facial information of the person.

    Face Recognition Algorithm:

    The collected facial information is processed through a face recognition algorithm. This algorithm analyzes facial features and generates a unique identifier for the individual.

    Database Comparison:

    The generated identifier is then compared with the stored facial data in the system’s database. The database typically contains information about authorized personnel.

    Access Rights Determination:

    If the facial recognition algorithm successfully matches the captured face with the database, indicating that the person is authorized, the turnstile gate receives a signal to open.

    Gate Opening Signal:

    Upon receiving the signal, the turnstile gate opens, allowing the authorized individual to pass through.

    Card Swipe for Unauthorized Individuals:

    If the individual’s face is not recognized or not in the database, an alternative method such as card swiping may be required for access.

    Anti-Intrusion and Security Measures:

    The system is equipped with security features such as anti-tailing and anti-retrograde. If an unauthorized person attempts to break in, the gate may automatically lock and trigger an alarm.

    Temperature Detection (Optional):

    Some systems integrate non-contact infrared temperature detection modules. This allows the system to detect abnormal body temperatures and issue warnings. If a fever is detected, access may be restricted, and an alert can be sent.

    Data Logging and Attendance Tracking:

    The face recognition system can log recognition results and provide statistical analysis. It may also support attendance tracking for companies, enhancing administrative capabilities.

    In summary, the turnstile gate with face recognition combines facial recognition technology, access control, and security features to provide a streamlined and secure entry and exit process. The integration of advanced features such as temperature detection further enhances its functionality, making it suitable for various applications in public spaces, office buildings, residential areas, and more.

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