How does a turnstile work?

how does a turnstile work

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How does a turnstile work?

Security turnstiles are very important basic equipment to ensure safe passage in our daily work and life. But most people do not know and understand how do turnstiles work. What is its working mode?

At first, I did not know the relevant knowledge about how does a turnstile work as well, stay for a long time in this industry, slowly understand and get to know how does a turnstile work, sometimes the customer also wants to know these questions. It is necessary to understand the principle of security turnstiles gate, so as to better understand customer requirements and achieve customer requirements more accurately. And then according to the customer’s requirements to customize the special security turnstiles gate. So I specially consulted our engineers, and our engineers simply told me this professional knowledge, hoping to help friends who want to know this professional knowledge.

Main components of turnstile gates

turnstile gate 304 stainless steel material

1. Casing (supporting body, bearing various parts of the turnstile gate).

2. Machnisam is the most important part of the security turnstiles gate. By controlling the operation and stopping of the chassis, the opening and closing of the blocking body are further controlled in order to control the flow of people and pass through in an orderly manner. According to the different number of cores and block bodies contained in the same gate, the gate can be divided into a single machine core (including 1 core and 1 block body) and a double core (including 2 cores and 2 block bodies, in the form of left and right symmetry).

3. Blocking body (the main function of blocking body is blocking, usually we say tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, full-height turnstile gate, and so on just use the different blocking way.)

Basic operating principle of turnstile gates

The main control board receives the signals of the access controller or the infrared shooting tube and then makes the execution command to the direction indicator, motor, and alarm after the logic judgment and processing of these signals. So infrared is very important to the tube, many problems are caused by infrared.

The working principle of infrared pair tube

It is divided into the transmitting end and receiving end. The emitter is a luminous diode, the emitter is infrared, and the receiver is a photosensitive diode. In use, the transmitter emits infrared rays and adds reverse bias to the receiver of infrared, which makes the receiver obtain high sensitivity and infrared work normally.

The working principle of the turnstile mechanism

Converts the received electrical signal into torque and speed, thus driving the object to be controlled.

turnstile gate inside motor

Frequently Questions Checking

1.The turnstile gate has been warning: check whether the infrared is not aligned or damaged (in the state of the gate, do not block the infrared, go to the tail of the infrared receiver to see if there is a light, if there is a light, try to re-align the infrared transmitter and receiver, if no operation, maybe infrared change, can be replaced, temporarily unable to replace the line can be cut off).

2.One side wing of the swing turnstile gate can come out, another side can not come out, you can change the main motor red and black line position, if not, maybe the mainboard does not communicate, can only replace the mainboard.

3. Swipe the card, the turnstile gate can only work on one side, check that the main and secondary gate line is normal.

turnstile gate Chassis

4. The flap barrier motherboard indicates that the encoder value does not change, it is very likely that the zero position of the gate is not adjusted. The way to adjust the zero position: there is a white line on the encoder, and a yellow line below, which can be loosened to adjust the position of the yellow and white lines to ensure the alignment of the yellow and white lines.

5. The turnstile gate of the limit switch indicates the motor motion timeout, which is that the limit switch does not work properly. Perhaps the limit switch is broken, the biggest possibility is that the limit switch position is too far, can adjust the position of the limit switch to solve.

Above is the basic operating principle of security turnstiles. Want to know how does a turnstile work, we still need to know how does the turnstile access control system work? Security turnstiles Gate access control system belongs to one-card type, with CPU processor as the core controller, information collector, and electronic control lock as an auxiliary to form a complete control network.

According to loading and reading information content, the automatic control system of the gate is completed. The traditional gate access control system is usually managed by id and ic cards. With the development of science and technology, the intelligent management of access control systems is improved by adding human certificate verification, scan code verification, face recognition verification, and so on.

At present, many public places, such as office buildings, stations, tourist attractions, manufacturing factory and so on, have started to use security turnstile gate access control system software to carry out staff management. The important reason is that the turnstile gate is unique and durable. Especially at the subway entrance, the metal detection door of the subway station can be connected with the software of the security turnstiles gate access control system. In addition, facial recognition can replace the previous human resource inspection method to verify, which not only saves money allocation but also more accurate verification results. Effectively prevent all kinds of accidents. So how does a turnstile work is a necessary knowledge we need to know.

Intelligent security turnstile gate is mainly for entrance and exit management, including tripod turnstile, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier, and full height turnstile. Its working model is mainly reflected in four aspects:

The operation mode of turnstile gate:

The conventional gate is divided into two directions

1. Controlled mode: Only when an open door signal is received in this direction can a person be allowed to pass normally from that direction.

2. Free mode: personnel can be unrestricted, from this direction through infrared induction, the gate automatically opened after normal passage, the gate closed again.

3. Prohibited mode: This direction does not allow people to pass.

4. Fire mode: the gate has been open, personnel can be unrestricted, from any direction through, no alarm.

turnstile gate inside circuit

Operation Mode of turnstile gate – Customization

1.Touch mode: before receiving the first door signal in this direction, the direction is originally controlled mode, and then switch to one of the other default modes.

2.Memory mode: before receiving the first door signal in this direction, the direction is originally controlled mode, after receiving the N door signal can effectively pass through the N person (which does not need to give another door signal).

3. Time mode: time switching mode at the specified time.

4. cycle switching: cycle switching mode of turnstile gate at the specified time and long period.

So according to the working mode of the above turnstile gate, we probably know how does a turnstile work, we probably understand that the turnstile gate can be customized according to the different requirements of the customer. If you want to know more about types of turnstiles? please check our product page. If you need a special turnstile gate, We can provide you with quality customized service and the most reasonable price.

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