How does a turnstile work?

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Last updated on: March 9th, 2024 18:50 pm

How does a turnstile work?

Security turnstile is an intelligent access control device used to control personnel entry and exit, widely used in various places, such as subway stations, airports, shopping malls, corporate buildings, etc. But most people do not know and understand how does a turnstile work?

The working principle of the turnstile gate is to detect the movement of personnel entering and exiting through sensors, and to control the motor through the control system to drive the opening and closing of the turnstile gate, thereby achieving control and counting of personnel flow.

The turnstile gate is usually equipped with sensors and control systems. When personnel need to pass through, the sensors will detect the presence of personnel and trigger the control system to open the turnstile gate; On the contrary, when no personnel pass through, the turnstile gate remains closed to ensure safety management. How does a turnstile work? The working principle of the turnstile gate mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Sensor detection: Turnstile gates are usually equipped with infrared sensors to sense the movement of personnel entering and exiting. When someone approaches the turnstile gate, the sensor will sense the thermal radiation or movement of the human body and send a signal to the control system.

2. Control system: The turnstile gate is equipped with a precise control system to control the opening and closing actions of the turnstile gate. When the sensor detects someone approaching, the control system will receive a signal and perform corresponding processing according to the preset parameters.

3. Motor drive: The turnstile gate is usually driven by a motor, which opens and closes the door body along the prescribed trajectory through devices such as tracks and swing arms. The control system controls the operation of the motor based on the detected signal, causing the gate to quickly open or close.

4. Counter and display screen: The turnstile gate can be equipped with a counter and display screen to record the number of people passing through the turnstile gate. The control system counts the number of people by recognizing their entry and exit actions, and displays real-time information on the display screen.

turnstile mechanism

In general, the turnstile gate is composed of identity verification, signal transmission, gate control mechanism, traffic detection and alarm system, etc., to achieve control and management of personnel passage. This helps to improve security and ensure that only authorized personnel can enter specific areas. Different types of turnstiles may have different specific implementations, but the basic principles are similar.

Common faults of turnstile gate

1. The turnstile gate has been alarming: check whether the infrared is not aligned or damaged (when the turnstile gate is powered on, don’t block the infrared. Go to the tail of the infrared receiving end to see if there is a light on. If there is a light on, try to realign the infrared transmitting end and receiving end. If you can’t do anything, the infrared may be broken. You can replace it. If you can’t replace it temporarily, you can cut the wire.).

2. One side wing rod of the flap barrier gate can come out, and the other side can not come out, you can change the position of the red and black line of the motor at the host end. If not, the mainboard may not communicate, so you can only replace the mainboard.

3. After swiping the card, only one side of the gate can work. Check whether the online line of the main and auxiliary machines of the turnstile gate is normal.

4. The swing turnstile gate motherboard prompts that the encoder value does not change, which is most likely because the zero position of the turnstile gate is not adjusted properly. Method of adjusting zero position: there is a white line on the encoder and a yellow line below. Loosen the machine screw to adjust the position of the yellow and white lines to ensure the alignment of the yellow and white lines.

5. The turnstile gate of the limit switch indicates that the motor movement times out, which means that the limit switch does not work normally. The limit switch may be broken. The most likely reason is that the position of the limit switch is too far. You can adjust the position of the limit switch to solve it.

Above is the basic working principle of security turnstiles. Want to know how does a turnstile work, we still need to know how does the turnstile access control system work? Security turnstiles gate access control system belongs to one-card type, with CPU processor as the core controller, information collector, and electronic control lock as an auxiliary to form a complete control network.

According to loading and reading information content, the automatic control system of the gate is completed. The traditional gate access control system is usually managed by id and ic cards. With the development of science and technology, the intelligent management of access control systems is improved by adding human certificate verification, scan code verification, face recognition verification, and so on.

turnstile controller

At present, many public places, such as office buildings, stations, tourist attractions, manufacturing factory, and so on, have started to use security turnstile gate access control system software to carry out staff management. The important reason is that the turnstile gate is unique and durable. Especially at the subway entrance, the metal detection door of the subway station can be connected with the software of the security turnstile gate access control system. In addition, facial recognition can replace the previous human resource inspection method to verify, which not only saves money allocation but also more accurate verification results. Effectively prevent all kinds of accidents. So how does a turnstile work is a necessary knowledge we need to know.

Intelligent security turnstile gate is mainly for entrance and exit management, including tripod turnstile, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier, and full height turnstile. Its working model is mainly reflected in four aspects: how does a turnstile work

Types of turnstile configuration system 

1. Wireless remote control: wireless remote control can be installed to implement short-range wireless control;

2. Fingerprint control: people pass through the designated fingerprint identification verification, fingerprint turnstile is mostly used in enterprises, institutions, government organs, and other places;

3. Card swiping control: countable card swiping access control, consumption control, time recording control, time period control, etc;

4. Face recognition control: through face recognition identification and control, it is generally used in the community, site attendance, building personnel passage, etc;

5. QR code identification and control: Control the passage through mobile phone QR code scanning, it is applicable to the charge processing of scenic spots, the passage processing of exhibition personnel, etc. If you want to know more details, you can check our another article: how does QR code turnstile work?

how does a turnstile work

So according to the working mode of the above turnstile gate, we probably know how does a turnstile work, we probably understand that the turnstile gate can be customized according to the different requirements of the customer. If you want to know more about types of turnstiles? please check our product page. If you need a special turnstile gate, We can provide you with quality customized service and the most reasonable price.

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