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Last updated on: August 15th, 2023 18:00 pm

What are office turnstiles?

Office turnstiles are a kind of pedestrian turnstile hardware equipment used in the lobby or hall of an office building, which is mainly used to manage and control the personnel entering and leaving the office building.

Office turnstiles can be equipped with ID/IC card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and other access control methods. These are based on the requirements of each office building to be tailor-made and choose their own equipment. About this part of the content, You can refer to our article: QR code turnstile and turnstile gate with card reader.

Office turnstiles are generally installed in the office building lobby or elevator hall, an important work area. So you can also call it lobby turnstiles. The installation of office turnstiles at the entrance and exit of the building can effectively manage the personnel in and out of the building, so as to improve the safety of the building.

Commercial buildings and office buildings have a large flow of people, frequent personnel access, and complex personnel identity. It is very difficult to rely on manual management only, which is prone to omission and inaccurate identification. However, the use of office turnstiles for management can identify the access personnel one by one, and it can also give users a good access experience without manual intervention.

Why install office turnstiles?

Office turnstile is a very good access control management method that can improve the security, management efficiency, and employee work efficiency of office buildings. It is the future development direction of office building access control management.

With the continuous development of modern office environments, office turnstiles have become an indispensable part of modern office environments. This new approach to access control management has brought many benefits.

Improve the security of office buildings

Firstly, office turnstiles can improve the security of office buildings. Traditional access control management methods are prone to human sabotage, while office turnstiles can verify the identity of employees by swiping cards, ensuring that only legitimate employees can enter the office building, effectively preventing illegal intrusion and malicious damage.

speed gate turnstile

In addition to the place where we live, the place where we stay for a long time is the office area. Both office workers and enterprise bosses have to stay in their own work area for a long time every day, so more and more people are aware of this problem. In addition to the safe living environment, our working environment should also be safe, especially since many enterprises now work overtime. Imagine, Working overtime in the company at night, if anyone in the office building can go in and out freely, wouldn’t it be very reassuring?

Now there are many express deliveries. If you don’t have an access control building turnstiles, you can just go in and go to the office area. Isn’t it a mess?

If a large enterprise or government unit, all kinds of people can go into the office building every day, it’s really troublesome to manage, and it’s very bad for customers to see the impact. They think the enterprise is not managed well. Therefore, it is necessary to install the access control office building turnstiles at this time, which can effectively restrict the access of people without authority. Express delivery and takeout will also be placed at the front desk or security room, and some idle people will not come in casually.

Office turnstiles make your lobby more fashionable and upscale

Office turnstiles are more and more widely used, especially in high-end business office buildings and enterprise buildings. Building turnstiles are more and more used in the lobby and elevator hall on these occasions. Office building turnstiles play a good role in controlling the access of internal and external personnel and improving the overall image of the use occasion.

The installation of high-grade pedestrian office building turnstiles will not only shows the dignity of customers but also reflects the high-end office service.

Nowadays, more and more office-building managers have realized the importance of intelligent office-building turnstiles. The office turnstiles from Mairsturnstile are only for reference and they can be customized according to your own situation and requirements.

Office building, because of the characteristics of the large flow of people, frequent entry and exit of personnel, and complex identity of personnel, if only rely on manual management, it is very difficult, easy to appear omissions, identification of inaccurate situations, and in use of access control building turnstiles to manage, you can identify people in and out, more accurate, more strict management, no manual intervention can also give users a good access experience.

Improve the management efficiency of office buildings

Secondly, office turnstiles can improve the management efficiency of office buildings. The traditional access control management method requires manual verification of employees’ identity documents, which not only wastes time but also prone to human errors. The card-swiping office turnstiles can automatically identify employees’ identity information, greatly improving the efficiency of access control management and reducing the possibility of human error.

Many companies are often settled in office buildings, with complex personnel identities, a large flow of employees and staff, and frequent personnel access. Office building management is very difficult. However, if the office turnstile is used as the hardware equipment for entrance and exit management, it will greatly reduce the difficulty of management.

Now the access control pedestrian turnstile gate has been widely used in various places. It can be seen that people pay more and more attention to it. Many customers may have such questions. Why should we install access control office turnstiles in the building? As a matter of fact, it is a very easy truth to understand. We hope that the environment in which we live is safe and secure. Of course, we also hope that the place where we work and work is safe and comfortable. So now many office buildings and business units will install office turnstiles. On the one hand, it is easy to manage, on the other hand, it avoids the random access of idle people.

Improve employee productivity

Finally, office turnstiles can improve employee productivity. The traditional access control management method requires employees to queue up for verification, which not only wastes time but also easily causes dissatisfaction among employees. The card-swiping office turnstiles can quickly complete the verification, making it more convenient and efficient for employees to enter the office building, improving their work efficiency.

In addition, the office turnstile can integrate with the management systems such as access control system, attendance, visitors, and strangers to form integrated management. At present, this kind of office turnstile gate management method replaces manual management, it has been widely used in many office buildings, which improves the personnel safety management grade of office buildings and the environment of the office building is more safe, comfortable, and convenient.

flap barrier price

In short, the function of office turnstiles in large factories or office buildings is huge and indispensable. Office building turnstiles can reduce the investment of many human, material, and financial resources, and more intuitively and effectively manage and count the incoming and outgoing personnel. Therefore, pedestrian office building turnstiles are a trend of future development.

Where to buy office turnstiles?

If you want to buy office turnstiles, please choose the right one from our products page, If you don’t know which one you should buy, you can contact us, scan the QR code on the right to add my What’s app, or directly click the online chat button on the lower-left corner. We are always pleased to solve your problems. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect office turnstiles security solution.

How to choose office turnstiles?

First of all, if installed indoors, office turnstiles with beautiful appearance, low noise, and fast operation should be selected. We all know that the tripod turnstile gate has low appearance plasticity and high operation noise, which is not easy to install in an indoor environment. We can choose from the two types of flap barrier gate and swing turnstile. If you have higher requirements for the building turnstiles and a sufficient budget, you can choose a quieter and more stable one: speed gate turnstile.

The flap barrier gate is characterized by fast operation speed and ultra silence, but the disadvantage is that the adjustability of passage width is low, It is only suitable for pedestrians to pass through, and the main feature of the swing turnstile gate is that the passage width can be adjusted, which is suitable for luggage cars and disabled cars. According to these two differences, consumers can choose the one suitable for themselves.

If it is installed outdoors, you can choose one of the tripod turnstile gates and flap barrier gates. It has strong waterproof and cold resistance. The biggest difference between the tripod turnstile gate and the flap barrier gate is the price. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose the swing turnstile or the flap barrier gate, and if the budget is low, you can choose the tripod turnstile gate.

If your budget is not only sufficient, but also want a beautiful and tall design office turnstile, and if there is a large flow of people in the office building, especially in the rush hour, we will suggest that you choose the speed gate turnstile. The speed gate turnstile can be said to be an upgraded version of the swing turnstile gate, which is faster, more beautiful, and the price will be higher accordingly.

The office turnstile can be equipped with a variety of advanced identification methods, such as ID/IC card identification, QR code identification, fingerprint identification, face recognition, and so on. Each office building can choose the appropriate identification method according to its own situation. Therefore, the office turnstile can generally choose a swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, tripod turnstile gate, and speed gate turnstile. These products have revolutionary improvements in performance, softness, environmental protection, service life, cost performance, and so on.

If you want more details about these security office turnstiles, please check the high-quality security turnstiles from Mairsturnstile, the following is a brief description of the characteristics and parameters of these types of turnstiles:

The appearance plasticity of the swing turnstile gate is strong, the appearance design is diversified, the design range of channel width is relatively large, and it is more suitable for the entrance and exit of the following situation: the traffic volume is normal. The space is narrow or irregular. Turnstile width requirements are relatively large, such as baggage passage or barrier-free access.

The flap barrier gate is characterized by fast speed, a simple shape, more suitable for the following conditions: traffic volume is relatively large. The speed requirement is relatively high. The channel width is not particularly large.

office turnstiles

Make full use of a variety of advanced biometric technologies to ensure the accuracy of the identity of the passer: fingerprint identification, palmprint recognition, vein recognition, face recognition, identity card recognition, passport recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, QR code recognition.

Advantages of Office Turnstiles:

So what are the advantages of office turnstiles?

Enhance the corporate image

Office turnstiles can make office spaces more fashionable and upscale, enhancing the corporate image. It can establish a standardized management image for the company or agency, improve the management level of the company in the minds of customers, and standardize the internal management system of the company or agency.

Convenient and fast, easy-to-manage personnel

A sensing card(Integrated with office turnstiles for use) can replace all the company’s door keys and has different access permissions, authorizing cardholders to enter the doors within their scope of responsibility within the company. All entry and exit situations are recorded in the computer, making it easy to inquire about the specific occurrence time and implement responsibilities.

Good scalability and security

Office turnstiles can be integrated with the access control system to form effective linkage and integration and form a modern and advanced management platform with the background control end. With the advanced core technology, can accurately identify traffic behavior.

The building turnstiles should also prevent illegal traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians.

For realizing the above requirements, Mairsturnstile adopts the unique current detection technology + matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology and cooperates with traffic detection algorithm to achieve the multi-clamping effect of infrared+mechanical+current, which can not only effectively identify traffic objects, sensitively detect illegal intrusion, tailgating, and other behaviors that threaten the safety of the channel, eliminate illegal traffic personnel, but also prevent the building turnstiles from clamping or bumping pedestrians.


Through the installation of the office turnstile, the later operation cost of the product has been fully considered, which can ensure the normal operation of the product with low cost and low investment, so as to achieve high efficiency and high benefit.

Stable reliability

The office turnstile equipment can fully meet the use requirements of 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It can ensure an average trouble-free operation of more than 2 million times and a service life of 18 million times. It has a high degree of reliability and excellent performance.

Convenient expansion

The office turnstiles can expand the number of channels at will. That is, after the corresponding control system is installed, if it is necessary to increase the number of intelligent office turnstile equipment, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding turnstile gates, and the software can set the new equipment.

Office turnstiles can integrate multiple systems to form integrated and data-based management.

The entrance and exit gate system can integrate employee attendance system, access control system, visitor system, and so on, and form a data management platform. Effectively distinguish the management of internal staff and foreign personnel, record the attendance of employees, and visitor’s visit information, and make the office entrance and exit management more simple and convenient.


Office turnstile configuration needs to be diversified to meet different management requirements. The traffic object of the office building turnstiles may be carrying large items, wheelchairs, trolleys, and so on, where the standard wide passage and ultra-wide passage should be set up at the same time to take care of different traffic groups.

In addition, according to the conditions of the office building itself, appropriate identification methods are configured, such as card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and so on. At present, the face recognition method is the most advanced, and the advantages are very obvious. What are its advantages?

For example, the face recognition building turnstiles use visible light to obtain face image information and obtain face images when the user does not actively cooperate. It does not need to contact the recognizer or force pedestrians to cooperate with recognition. It can identify images, 3D models, and other camouflage methods with high accuracy.

office turnstiles

The management of the entrance and exit by the office turnstiles is like a tiger’s wings, which makes the building management more intelligent, data-based, and humanized, improves the safety management level of the office building, and saves the manual management cost of the office building.

Office Turnstiles Security Solutions:

Office turnstiles security solutions? How many and which kinds of office building turnstiles do I need for my office building access control project?

Office turnstiles security building solutions are equipped with a variety of advanced recognition methods, such as ID/IC card recognition, QR code recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and so on. Each office building can choose the appropriate identification method according to its own situation. Office building turnstile gate usually can choose the swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate in commercial turnstile gate, and so on.

Mairs office turnstiles security solutions can be integrated with access control, attendance visitors, and other systems. To achieve efficient and intelligent building management entrance and exit control solutions. And take into account the special situation of office space. Access personnel may carry large luggage or goods, etc. We will set up cargo channels and widen pedestrian channels to meet the different needs of customers.

In the urban area of the city, office building is still the majority workplace, because of the large flow of people, commuting time is concentrated, the demand for personnel control is still very large if only by simple manual control management, the workload is large, easy to make mistakes, and waste manpower and material resources.

Combined with all kinds of advanced control equipment, an intelligent access control pedestrian turnstile gate is one of the most suitable methods for current demand. If you have any requirements about the office turnstiles building access control project, Mairsturnstile will provide you with the best office building turnstile security access control solutions which have been proven by practice.

Most of the commercial office buildings are the product of the 1970s and 1980s from the last century, in the past 30 years of rapid development. With the increasing demand for office building experience, more and more properties need to upgrade the original access control system to make it has an intelligent and mobile function.

The intelligent access control system based on mobile phones and mobile networks drives the industry development of pedestrian access control office turnstiles, In addition, “paperless” and mobile internet is the development trend of society today.

Problems need to be solved

With the increasing capacity of office buildings and the flow of people in and out of the office building, it not only increases a great workload of building access management, but also brings great challenges to the efficiency of property management. At present, the main problems faced by office building access management are :

1. High cost of visitor management ;

2. Low efficiency of lobby access ;

3. Poor timeliness of incoming and outgoing data;

4. Average user experience.

How to solve the problem with the pedestrian QR code turnstile — The office turnstiles security solutions.

The first thing is to integrate QR code recognition system, mobile phone APP download system, face recognition system, fingerprint recognition system on the original swipe card pedestrian turnstile gate, then use face recognition, fingerprint verification pass, or mobile phone download to install open door APP or embedded door function APP, owners, property management staff can use a mobile phone instead of the traditional door card, while visitors can use the “QR code pass” sent by the owner to open the door, all data involved in access will be synchronized to the background management system, so as to help the property management stuff easily achieve mobile intelligent management for the office turnstiles access control.

Using phones to open the gate is safely and efficiently

With the rapid development of smart access card identification technology and mobile Internet, mobile phone door opening instead of traditional door cards are becoming popular in public access places such as city office buildings. Using a mobile phone to open the door not only allows white-collar workers in the building to enjoy the “second door” experience but also avoids the situation of forgetting the door card.

QR code visitor management system is more convenient

Traditional visitor management does not have a good solution, usually by setting up a number of front desk personnel, when visitors come, asking visitors to show their identity cards, and ask their intention, after confirmation, the gate release, although strict enough, virtually wasted everyone’s time, because visitors’ visit records are mostly manual registration is not easy to find quickly, visitors’ records can not be kept for a long time, which brings a lot of inconvenience to security management.

Using the intelligent pedestrian office turnstiles gate system, the owner only needs to fill in visit time information and generate the “QR code pass” through the mobile phone, send the code to the visitor, and the visitor can use the QR code to enter the office building within the set time.

It’s more intelligent to use face-recognition turnstile gates in office buildings

In many office buildings, make use of intelligent face recognition office turnstiles gate access control system, which can set up “photo pass” for the personnel of appointing floors, Swipe face in and out, one to one compare with the photos entered in advance, not only easy to pass access, but also take into account of safety management.

Prevent the staff on behalf of others clocking in

In the office building, the pedestrian building turnstiles are integrated with the attendance system, access control, and attendance system together, more convenient and fast, and fingerprinting can also prevent the staff on behalf of others from clocking in. Commercial buildings use fingerprint identification office turnstiles to prevent the staff instead of the clock in.

building turnstiles

The office turnstiles provided by Mairsturnstile integrate access control, attendance, visitors, strangers, and other integrated management systems to build an integrated management system based on the security pedestrian turnstiles gate, which is assembled to realize intelligent and high-efficiency pedestrian entrance and exit control. In view of the complex objects of the building, we provide standard pedestrian access control building turnstiles and ultra-wide pedestrian access building turnstiles to meet the requirements of people, luggage, wheelchairs, and so on.

Above is all the content of office building turnstiles, if you have any questions about the office building turnstile security solutions, please contact us to discuss. Mairs provides high-quality security turnstiles for sale at affordable prices. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the building turnstiles, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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