how many turnstiles do I need?

how many turnstiles do i need

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How many turnstiles do I need?

Determining the number of turnstiles needed for a specific installation site involves considering factors like the size of the area, the direction of entry and exit, and the desired flow of pedestrian traffic. Here is a simple illustration based on a specific case, focusing on flap barrier turnstiles, swing turnstiles, and speed gate turnstiles:

1. Identify Installation Site Requirements:

Determine the specific needs of the installation site, including the direction of entry and exit and the available space.

2. Select Turnstile Type:

Different turnstile types, such as single-core and dual-core, can be combined in various ways. Choose the type of turnstile based on the specific requirements of the installation.

3. Consider Pedestrian Flow:

If there is a high pedestrian flow, ensure that the selected quantity of turnstiles can handle the anticipated traffic without causing congestion.

4. Explore Different Solutions:

Depending on the installation site, consider various solutions. For example, if two directions of entry and exit are required, three solutions could include a combination channel of three turnstile gates (two single-core and one dual-core), a channel of two single-core types, or two channels of two single-core types.

5. Evaluate Budget and Space Constraints:

Take into account budget considerations and available space. Optimize the quantity of turnstiles to meet requirements without exceeding the budget or causing spatial constraints.

6. Consult with Turnstile Experts:

Contact turnstile experts for guidance. Sales personnel can provide optimal solutions based on the specific situation, ensuring that the selected turnstile quantity aligns with the installation site’s needs.

Utilize online support options, such as clicking the online chat button or scanning the provided QR code to connect with sales personnel. They can offer real-time assistance and address any questions or concerns.

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    Determining the appropriate quantity of turnstiles requires a thoughtful analysis of the installation site’s requirements and considerations. Consulting with turnstile experts ensures that the selected solution aligns with the specific needs of the project, leading to an efficient and effective security system.

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    Based on the flow of people:

    Determining the number of turnstiles based on the flow of people is a practical and effective approach, especially in environments with varying pedestrian numbers and potential emergency scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

    Assessment of Fixed Population:

    For locations with a relatively fixed number of people, such as office buildings or large factories, the assessment begins by considering the total number of individuals. For instance, in a factory with 1000 people, factors like the time required for normal commutes and potential emergency evacuations are taken into account.

    Emergency Evacuation Consideration:

    In the event of an emergency evacuation, an estimation is made regarding how quickly people need to exit the premises. For example, if 1000 people need to evacuate within 5 minutes, and 60 people can pass through the emergency passage every minute, it is determined that at least 4 passages are required.

    Manufacturer Recommendation:

    Turnstile gate manufacturers may then recommend installing 4-5 passages to prevent congestion during normal commuting hours and ensure a smooth evacuation process in emergencies.

    Adjustment for Special Cases:

    In special cases where estimates of the number of people may not be accurate, such as in scenic spots or subway stations, considerations are made for peak times, weekends, and holidays. For instance, a scenic spot may have 2-3 passages for regular days, but more than 8 passages for holidays to avoid congestion and enhance safety.

    Customization Based on Environment:

    The quantity of turnstiles is determined by the actual environment and demand. The number of passages becomes the basis for judgment, allowing for customization based on specific requirements and potential scenarios.

    Flexible Configuration:

    Understanding that the number of people can vary, especially in densely populated areas or during holidays, turnstile gate configurations can be adjusted accordingly. For example, having 2-3 passages open during regular times and all passages open during holidays ensures both efficiency and safety.

    Emphasis on Real-World Situations:

    The emphasis is placed on real-world situations rather than relying solely on a formula. This approach ensures that turnstile installations are tailored to the unique demands of each environment, providing both security and convenience.

    In conclusion, the judgment of the quantity of turnstiles based on the flow of people is a dynamic and context-specific process. It takes into consideration the actual environment, potential scenarios, and emergency evacuation needs, resulting in a customized solution that meets the demands of each unique setting.

    Based on the passage width:

    Judge and confirm the quantity of turnstiles according to the passage width. Each type of turnstile needs a different space. Let’s introduce them respectively.

    Tripod turnstile gate:

    composed of three rods, the standard length of the rod is 51cm, and the length of the bars can only accommodate one person. It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of pedestrian flow, and the traffic speed is ordinary. The body of the standard bridge-type tripod turnstile gate is 28cm. Therefore, the road width required for a passage is 83cm.

    The tripod turnstile is widely used in the simple dissuasion level access control of the public channels. It is commonly used in the attendance system of enterprises, office buildings, the consumption system of supermarkets, shopping arcades, the security access control system of smart residential, the ticket checking management of subway stations, train stations, scenic spots and other venues, and the palm-shaped system management of construction sites.

    With all kinds of different configurations, it can be applied to all construction sites or other environments and can solve all the control issues of security access control management. The turnstile gate adopts the arms drop mode. If there is an emergency, cut off the power, the horizontal arm will fall down, then it can form a barrier-free pedestrian passage, which is convenient for personnel evacuation in an emergency and provides a guarantee for traffic safety.

    Flap barrier gate:

    The flap barrier gate is suitable for one-way or two-way control of pedestrian flow, and the traffic speed is fast. It is commonly used for personnel access control management; it has the advantages of a fast opening, safety, and convenience, and is a perfect management and dredging equipment for a large flow of pedestrian access; it has been widely used in airports, subway stations, train stations, wharves, scenic spots, parks, unit pedestrian passages, etc., which can cooperate with smart cards to realize off-model ticketing management system function and form unattended management of personnel access.

    it is composed of at least two lanes. The width of the passage is generally less than 55cm( some are 60cm). The standard casing width is 28cm( some are 30cm). So for one lane, it will need 111cm space. If there is more than one lane, the middle one will be double core. For two lanes, it will need at least 194cm. The flap barrier turnstile gates need more space than the tripod turnstile.

    There are also double retractable turnstile gate, handicap turnstile, which is used for the handicapped. The lane width is 900mm. The casing is 35cm.

    how many turnstiles do i need

    Swing turnstile gate:

    The swing turnstile gate has the largest passage width among all pedestrian turnstile gates. The length of the swing arm can be customized. The standard length of single-lane width is 60cm, and the maximum length is 900cm. The casing width of the swing turnstile gates is various. For the common swing turnstile gate, it is 28cm as standard. For a slim swing turnstile gate, it is 18cm. The fast lane speed gate is 12cm. The standard lane width is 60cm. It can be customized to 150cm if comes with a servo motor.

    It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of pedestrian flow and vehicle flow (electric vehicle and tricycle). The speed in general. It is mainly used for the management of passageway entrance and exit, Generally, only people are allowed to pass through the application site or people with luggage, and people with disabilities can pass through. Considering that the swing turnstile gate can achieve wider passage characteristics than the flap barrier gate. Most of the swing turnstile gates can be mixed with pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, disabled vehicles, and other non-motorized vehicles.

    Sliding turnstile gate:

    A sliding turnstile gate, also known as a full-height flap barrier gate, is an upgrade product of an ordinary flap barrier gate. It is called a sliding gate turnstile, full-height sliding turnstile, prison flap barrier gate, etc. There is no special term in the industry, and the general name is full height sliding turnstile gate. A full-height sliding turnstile gate is a special mechanical device for personnel access control. The standard lane width is 60cm. Now there are options for 90cm. The casing width is normally 35cm. It is like the flap barrier turnstile. There should be at least 2gates to be one lane. So the road width required will be 130cm. If two lanes, at least 225cm needed.

    Full height turnstile gate:

    In the rotary operation, the passage width is generally 65cm, suitable for one-way or two-way control of pedestrian flow, and the traffic speed is slow. Full height turnstiles are mainly used in prisons, military administrative areas, and factories with strict access control (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The inside turnstile mechanism of the security turnstile contains an emergency control device. When the power is off, the central rotating arm can rotate freely to ensure the passage is unobstructed; when it is powered on, it is automatically locked. The width of a standard single-channel full height gate is 163cm and that of a double channel is 230cm. The size can be customized based on requirements.

    In short, if the road is not wide enough, you can choose a single tripod turnstile gate, which can save space and cost. If there are requirements for the passage of the disabled or luggage, you can choose the swing turnstile gate. There are various styles of swing turnstile gates. The width of the passage can also be customized. Different choices can be made on different occasions. The width of the swing turnstile gate can be increased by 900mm, which can meet the needs of a wheelchair or luggage. The double flap barrier turnstile can also be considered, which will cost more than the ordinary flap barrier.

    The passage speed of the flap barrier gate is relatively fast, and the space required is relatively large. The space required by the sliding turnstile gate is larger than that of the flap barrier gate, and the passage can also be wider than that of the flap barrier turnstile. The full height turnstile gate occupies the most space in all access control turnstile gates, and its safety performance is also the highest. The most suitable turnstile gate can be selected according to different road widths and different places.

    The quantity of turnstiles to install should refer to the emergency situation and our actual needs at ordinary times. We should not blindly confirm the number and necessity of passages, or even do not know how many passages to select. Of course, we also need to refer to the reasonable suggestions given by the turnstile gate manufacturer, so as to achieve a better use effect of turnstile gate.

    More complex situations:

    Of course, if your situation is complex and your turnstile security solution has many requirements, then please give this question” How many turnstiles do I need” to the professionals, You can contact Mairs directly. Our engineers will work out a suitable solution for you according to your specific needs.

    As a professional turnstile manufacturer, Mairs will provide you with professional services and all kinds of high-quality turnstile gates for sale at an affordable price. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We are very pleased to offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

    That’s all about the” how many turnstiles do I need” If you still have any questions about how many turnstiles do I need, Or if you have any questions in the process of developing security access control solutions? We are always pleased to answer your questions.

    Factors determine the quantity of turnstiles

    Determining the quantity of turnstiles is a crucial aspect of designing an effective access control system. Several factors come into play to ensure that the installation meets the needs of the environment. Here are the key factors that influence the quantity of turnstiles required:

    Channel Width:

    The width of the channel is a critical factor as it directly determines the type of turnstile to be used and the number of turnstiles that can fit in the available space. Ensuring sufficient space for the turnstiles is essential for their smooth operation.

    Traffic Volume:

    The amount of pedestrian traffic at the installation site is a key consideration. High-traffic areas will require a sufficient number of turnstiles to handle the flow of people effectively. Understanding average pedestrian flow, peak flow times, and potential future increases in traffic helps in determining the right quantity.

    Type of turnstiles:

    Different types of turnstiles have varying sizes and operational characteristics. The specific requirements of the installation site will dictate the type of turnstile to be used, influencing the overall quantity needed.

    Security Level:

    The security level required for the installation site is a crucial factor. Places with higher security demands may need a specific type or quantity of turnstiles to meet those requirements and ensure the safety of the premises.

    Engineering Budget:

    The budget allocated for the project plays a significant role in determining the quantity of turnstiles. Higher budgets allow for the installation of a larger number of turnstiles or the inclusion of turnstile types with enhanced safety features. Conversely, lower budgets may limit the options available.

    Why confirm the quantity of turnstiles?

    Confirming the quantity of turnstiles is a crucial step in the planning and implementation of security solutions. Here’s why it’s important to accurately determine the number of turnstile gates required for a project:

    Optimal Resource Utilization:

    Determining the right quantity ensures that you allocate resources efficiently. Installing more turnstiles than necessary may lead to unnecessary expenses and the occupation of valuable space.

    Cost Efficiency:

    Installing the appropriate number of turnstiles helps in cost control. Avoiding unnecessary purchases allows you to stay within budget and use resources effectively.

    Space Management:

    The number of turnstiles directly impacts the spatial requirements of the installation. Choosing the correct quantity ensures that the space is utilized efficiently without overcrowding or underutilization.

    Traffic Flow Optimization:

    The right quantity of turnstiles contributes to smooth pedestrian flow. Having an adequate number prevents bottlenecks and congestion, providing a seamless experience for users.

    Security Enhancement:

    Properly distributed turnstiles help enhance security. Ensuring that each entrance or access point is adequately covered minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

    Meeting Specific Requirements:

    Different projects and locations have specific security needs. Determining the right quantity of turnstiles allows for a customized solution that aligns with the security requirements of the particular environment.


    Considering future needs is essential. Determining the correct number of turnstiles today helps in future-proofing the security system, ensuring that it can adapt to changing requirements.

    User Experience:

    Adequate turnstiles contribute to a positive user experience. Avoiding long queues and delays enhances user satisfaction, whether in public transportation stations, office buildings, or other crowded spaces.

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    In conclusion, accurately determining the quantity of turnstiles is essential for creating a well-optimized and cost-effective security solution. It ensures that resources are utilized efficiently, space is managed effectively, and the overall security system meets the specific needs of the project or environment.

    In fact, if consumers can make the right judgments, they can choose the correct turnstiles and the correct quantity of turnstiles, they can avoid spending more money and achieve the expected purpose of installing the security turnstile gate. If you don’t know what kind of turnstile you need, please check our other article: How to choose a turnstile?

    Mairs emphasizes providing customers with effective turnstile security solutions tailored to their specific requirements. The company considers factors such as budget, security level, and traffic volume to offer professional and cost-effective solutions.

    Mairs places importance not only on delivering high-quality products but also on providing comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. Customers can rely on detailed instructions for installation and usage, ensuring a smooth experience and addressing any concerns.

    In conclusion, determining the quantity of turnstiles involves careful consideration of factors such as channel width, traffic volume, turnstile type, security level, and budget. Mairs aims to provide customers with turnstile security solutions that are not only of high quality but also aligned with their specific needs, backed by professional technical support and after-sales service.

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