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How many and what types of turnstiles do I need for my school security project? Let’s start with these two issues that customers are most concerned about and provide a detailed introduction to the school turnstile.

Through the example of school turnstile installation for many years, we know that campus safety accidents occur frequently, so the school also continuously improves the management measures and updates the security products in the aspect of security management. And in practical application, our school turnstiles can be integrated with third-party management systems to better serve and protect schools and classmates.

At the same time, it is the responsibility of Mairs to put forward continuous requirements and requirements for school turnstile gate technology, constantly update products, and put forward a more suitable school entrance and exit management scheme. The entry of foreign personnel into the dormitory will affect the safety management of the campus, and damage a quiet and safe campus environment.

We have many years of experience in the production of school turnstile projects and have participated in and produced multiple school turnstile projects. Some school projects require customized special functions, some even require specialized mechanisms, and some school projects require continuous debugging and testing of the motherboard. We actively cooperated to complete the projects and solved the problems for customers.

If you have any requirements for a school turnstile project, please contact us and we will definitely cooperate with you to complete such a project and solve your worries. Please call us at: +86 1532-343-1686 or Request a Free Estimate:

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    Customized quality school turnstile:

    A school is a place with high requirements for environmental safety and security, so it must be equipped with relatively good access control management equipment. Our school entrance and exit management solution from Mairs is mainly aimed at scenarios where people enter and exit densely at the entrance, dormitories, libraries, and other places. We make optimizations that are suitable for higher levels of safety in schools. We provide various types of turnstiles for many schools, which are used in student activity centers, sports centers, entrances, Dormitories, libraries, etc.

    The turnstile gates we use in school projects are equipped with a full 2.0 mm thickness 304 stainless steel chassis, using customized mechanisms that are more secure and stable, and also providing third-party identification equipment.

    school turnstile

    We specialize in customizing some high-quality and high-specification turnstile gate machines for school projects, such as the tripod turnstile gate below, which is made of full 2.0 mm thickness brushed stainless steel and has a relatively large size. This makes the entire school turnstile gate machine thick and stable, making it difficult for two adults to lift it.

    Considering the special environment and needs of the school, we generally provide customized services for customers from the following aspects:

    1. Advanced dustproof and waterproof design

    The school turnstile must have a special dustproof and waterproof design to cope with the special environment of the school and solve the problem of dustproof and waterproofing in outdoor/semi-outdoor environments.

    The school turnstile entrance gate is generally installed in an open or semi-open environment, and there is a high requirement for dust and water prevention of pedestrian turnstile gates. The dustproof and waterproof level of the cabinet at the dormitory turnstile gate is up to IP65, and the core accessories of the mechanism are treated with rust prevention. The structure of the entire machine is designed specifically for outdoor use, and can withstand harsh environments such as outdoor sunlight, rain, wind, sand, rain, snow, and large temperature differences between day and night for a long time.

    2. Accelerate traffic speed and solve congestion problems

    The opening speed of the dormitory school turnstile gate should be fast, and the opening speed of the inlet and outlet gates can reach 0.3-0.6 seconds; Students swipe their cards multiple times in a row, and the school turnstile gate will record all traffic requests and keep the door open. Pedestrians can continue to pass without closing doors, greatly improving traffic efficiency. Based on the above situation, students do not need to worry about congestion through the gate during peak class hours.

    3. Widen the passage to facilitate students’ cycling.

    Most students on campus ride bicycles or electric bikes. Considering that the school turnstile gates in the apartment area are likely to be installed in an outdoor environment, the latest solution for school turnstile gates is suitable for widening outdoor passages. The outdoor pedestrian and vehicle shared gate is very suitable for these two requirements. The channel width of this outdoor turnstile gate can be customized to 1 to 2 meters, allowing pedestrians, bicycles, and electric vehicles to pass through at the same time. Its door swing can withstand frequent violent impacts, and students accidentally hit the door swing, so there is no need to worry about the gate being hit.

    4. Multiple verification methods for improving user experience.

    Schools can use identification methods such as QR codes, fingerprints, and facial recognition based on their own security management requirements. Face recognition is currently a very popular method and has been used by many schools. For this section, you can refer to our other articles: QR Code Turnstile, turnstile gate with card reader, and Face recognition turnstile.

    The facial recognition speed gate turnstile designed specifically for school entrance and exit management can make dormitory entrance and exit management simpler and more efficient. Compared to other verification methods, facial recognition speed gate turnstile has many advantages: only a person needs to be present on-site to pass facial recognition verification, without the need to carry other verification cards. Its recognition speed is 300ms, and the recognition rate is higher than 99%, which is faster and more accurate; Moreover, face recognition has the advantages of uniqueness, non-contact, non-mandatory, difficulty in disguise and deception, and higher security levels.

    office turnstiles 1

    How to select a school turnstile?

    Based on many years of experience in the campus scene, Mairsturnstile creates a professional school turnstile solution for customers, which can effectively solve the problems faced by access control on different occasions such as campus gates, dormitories, gymnasiums, libraries, etc.

    The school turnstile gate can be connected with the access control system, alarm system, student information system, dormitory management system, home, and school interconnection system, etc., to form a unified management platform, exchange information, respond to all kinds of events in a timely manner, improve campus safety level, and create a healthy, safe and convenient campus environment for students.

    What types of turnstiles are commonly used in schools? Next, let’s analyze them based on specific locations.

    1. The entrance and exit of the entrance gate

    In these places, we usually recommend customers to choose a swing turnstile gate, flap barrier turnstile, full height turnstile, and revolving turnstile.

    Due to the fact that school gates are generally in an open or semi-open environment, with relatively high requirements for dust and water prevention, we generally recommend using an outdoor turnstile. Due to the variety of styles and models, standard or widened-type are generally chosen according to the situation.

    Install school turnstile gate equipment at the entrance to effectively prevent outsiders from entering. The main types of turnstiles are fast-passing swing turnstiles and flap barrier turnstiles, which have anti-pinch and anti-tailgating functions, making them more effective and assisting security personnel in inspecting school entrances.

    The entrance turnstile gate machine is generally installed in an open or semi-open environment, inevitably exposed to sunlight and rainwater, which has high requirements for the dust and waterproof level of the school turnstile gate.

    2. Dormitory entrance and exit

    In these places, we usually recommend customers to swing turnstile gate, and flap barrier gate.

    Based on the needs of teachers and students’ dormitories, the width of the entrance for male and female students’ dormitories, and the need for ID verification, different solutions are developed. By using IC/ID cards and facial recognition methods to control the entrance and exit of the gate switch, it is convenient and fast to prevent outsiders from entering the dormitory.

    Generally, the entrances and exits of dormitory buildings are semi-closed. The installation of school turnstiles for management can reduce the work pressure on the staff, and accurately identify the identity of passing personnel. Authorized personnel can enter and exit freely, and visitors need to register and authorize to enter and exit, effectively avoiding salesmen, burglars, and murderers from sneaking into the dormitory area.

    The teacher in charge of campus security can also know whether all students have returned to the dormitory within the curfew time according to the traffic data collected by the school turnstile gate and access control management system, which is convenient and fast.

    3. Library entrance and exit

    In these places, we usually recommend customers to tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, and flap barrier turnstile.

    The library turnstile is used for an indoor environment, and an indoor swing turnstile and flap barrier gate can be selected. Swing turnstiles and flap barrier turnstiles have high plasticity and can match different decoration styles. Face recognition, code scanning, card-swiping, etc. can be used to identify the identity of passers-by. For example, students and teachers are authorized to enter the library, and visitors are not allowed to enter.

    The school library, as a place for teachers and students to borrow books, prevents unauthorized entry and exit of personnel outside the school, avoids unsafe incidents, and uses single or multiple channels to achieve one-way entry management. There is no access control school turnstile gate at the exit. If there are campus entrances and exits that are the same, multiple school turnstile channels can be used according to the area of use. The recognition method can use card swiping or facial verification, and it is recommended to choose a swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, or sliding turnstile gate.

    4. Sports Center

    Gym turnstiles security gate, if in the room, indoor swing turnstile gate, flap barrier gate, and tripod turnstile gate can be used. If outdoor, outdoor swing turnstile gate, and tripod turnstile gate can be used. Verification methods can be selected face recognition, scan code, swipe card, and so on. These areas are generally paid after class, turnstile gates are used to identify traffic personnel, and only paid or other authorized personnel is allowed to enter.

    No matter which identification method is used at the entrance or exit, it is aimed at improving campus security and providing convenience, in line with people’s pursuit of fast and intelligent living.

    The type of pedestrian turnstile gate installed in the school is also selected according to the school type and the specific actual situation of the installation site. It is also a different choice for different types of schools such as kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and colleges. How to choose pedestrian turnstile gates in different types of schools and installation sites? Below, school turnstile manufacturer – MairsTurnstile recommends some practical solutions and products for the reference of users in need. Of course, you can also contact us directly and let our professional salesperson provide the solution suitable for you according to your needs.


    Children in kindergartens are relatively small, so they can choose a small swing turnstile gate and add the verification method of human face recognition. The swing turnstile gate passes faster, has better anti-pinch performance, and has higher safety when children pass. After parents pass face recognition, parents’ names, parents’ registration photos, baby photos, etc. will appear. The security personnel can intuitively verify whether the transfer personnel is effective to ensure the safety of children’s transfers.

    Primary and secondary schools

    In primary and secondary schools, the gate of the school is generally in an open or semi-open environment, which is inevitably exposed to the sun and rain. There are high requirements for the dust, water, and sunscreen level of the gate. A flap barrier gate or tripod turnstile gate can be selected.

    The flap barrier gate and tripod turnstile gate have relatively good waterproof and sunscreen performance, which can meet the requirements for outdoor installation and use. In addition, the flap barrier gate and tripod turnstile gate are relatively fast and can pass about 30-35 people a minute. There will be no congestion during the peak period of going to and from school. They have a strong anti-tailing ability. Only one person is allowed to pass through one authorization at a time, and outsiders do not have access to the school. It is also difficult to follow students. They can also connect with the smart campus system to understand students’ school situations in real time.

    colleges and universities

    In high schools and universities, the turnstile gate machine is selected according to the installation site. If it is the school gate, the anti-collision swing turnstile gate can be selected. The swing turnstile gate has the functions of waterproof, sunscreen, and anti-collision. There is a large flow of people in and out of class during the peak period, and there are many students riding bicycles.

    The swing turnstile gate can not only meet the traffic demand of high traffic but also meet the sharing of people and vehicles. It is suitable for passing by bicycles. Even if students accidentally hit the turnstile gate when riding, the school turnstile gate also has an anti-collision function, which has strong resistance to destruction and will not be damaged by small bumps. Flap barrier gates can be selected for dormitories, libraries, canteens, and other places. The flap barrier gate has a high appearance grade and fast opening speed. It can not only improve the grade of the place but also manage the access in an orderly manner to avoid access congestion.

    Advantages of school turnstiles:

    Security: Easy installation, high technical, high security; Convenient and fast, identification time ≤0.3 s;

    Long life: 10 million times no trouble operation. Non-contact is more hygienic, reducing contact with bacteria,

    IP65: the whole machine inside and outside is waterproof and dustproof in design, in the outdoor full application is no problem.

    Anti-violence brake: elastic pendulum design, unique core structure design, the impact force of the core can be more than 5 times of the ordinary core, the door pendulum can withstand frequent accidental impact without damaging the core.

    Passenger sharing: the width of the passage can be customized to 1 m~2 people, bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, trolleys,s and so on can pass.

    Anti-cold and high temperature, anti-condensation: adopt intelligent temperature control design, install the thermostat, and set the upper and lower limits of temperature, when the temperature in the chassis is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the thermostat will automatically heat or dissipate heat, keep the temperature inside the chassis within a limited range and do not form condensation, thus protecting the internal electronic components. Suitable temperature-40℃~60℃.

    Anti-sunlight interference: the infrared structure adopts matrix distribution and avoids direct sunlight design, reducing the interference of sunlight to infrared, infrared misjudgment, and false alarm.

    Strong compatibility: gate system can connect seamlessly with an access control system, attendance system, visitor system, and so on, realize the linkage management of “material connection “, facilitate the collection and analysis of traffic data, and do a good job of plan management.

    school turnstile

    Basic functional requirements:

    With the progress of society and science and technology, more and more schools choose to install pedestrian turnstile gates at the entrance and exit of the campus. The intelligent pedestrian school turnstile gate has strong environmental adaptability, can work normally in various harsh environments, has strong self-protection ability, and can adapt to weak short circuits, strong light irradiation, heavy fog, rain and snow, typhoon weather, and environmental changes. So what are the general functional requirements of school turnstiles?

    Swipe card

    Nowadays, the school gate is generally free to go in and out, and the security guard is unlikely to know anyone, which leads to many accidental campus safety accidents. The function of swiping the card can deal with this problem very well;


    Sometimes it is inevitable that the card is used by others. If a classmate or teacher you know borrows it, it is no problem, but if the card is stolen by others, the interception effect will work;

    Only people can pass, not cars

    The important thing is that on the campus of primary and secondary schools and junior middle schools, their own student classes are not large. If cars come and go on campus, it is not very good. Therefore, it is best to restrict cars only by passing people;


    304 stainless steel plate, which is not easy to rust, is mainly due to its appearance. The opening of venues like that on campus is still very important.

    Why install school turnstiles?

    The hidden danger of foreign personnel mixing into the dormitory; the socially idle personnel, non-campus students, and other unrelated personnel entering the school, affects the safety management of the campus, while destroying a quiet and safe campus environment. A face recognition gate system is installed on the campus to verify the face-swiping identity of the entry and exit personnel and to distinguish the students, teaching staff, visitors, and VIP personnel. All the data can be stored for reference for a long time and effectively improve the school security level.

    Because of its open management mode, the school often has nearby residents to enter the school to exercise or foreign personnel to visit, sightseeing, and so on, easy to mix into all kinds of social lawbreakers or all kinds of abnormal personnel, easy to cause school property losses.

    But the school dormitory entrance and exit, the gymnasium entrance, and exit place are often in the closed management mode, the tradition carries on the management to the entry and exit personnel through the management personnel visual inspection, or the entrance control and so on way, many management loopholes, the staff swipes the card to pass the door efficiency is low, easy to cause the gate congestion, brings the great trouble to the school. Therefore, in the development of artificial intelligence today, face recognition school turnstile gate has become an important management means of campus entrance and exit.

    The entrance guard’s workload is large, the work efficiency is low, and the manual identification is inaccurate: the traditional manual examination student’s certificate efficiency is low, the misjudgment rate is high, can not stop the phenomenon that borrows the certificate to mixing into the campus, the long-term repeated boring work also causes the guard personnel to relax the vigilance, causes the security work to be empty.

    School turnstile with face recognition is installed at the entrance and exit of the campus, it can collect information of people in and out at any time, and can be compared by inadvertently capturing photos to prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel, and the result of face recognition is accurate and fast.

    Dormitory safety is an important management project, how to prevent outsiders from following the school Students enter the school dormitory, how to quickly understand the management of students returning to bed, and so on? It has become an urgent problem to be solved in dormitory management

    The installation of a school turnstile with face recognition as important equipment for management can bring many benefits to the school. The application of a school turnstile gate with face recognition to the entrance gate of the campus can make the entrance of the campus more convenient, prevent unrelated personnel from entering, and bring some safety to the school.

    School turnstile gate with face recognition has been widely used in the construction of the safe campus and intelligent campus and has realized the linkage with many systems, such as visitor system, video surveillance system, public security system, and so on, which fully ensures the safety of campus access and exit.

    Face Recognition school turnstile:

    The face recognition school turnstile used in the entrance and exit of the school is coordinated by infrared detection barrier-free passage, which can realize the humanization and intelligence of entrance and exit control. All personnel must use facial recognition to enter and exit the school, the school turnstile controller automatically recognizes based on authorization information, and unauthorized personnel or unauthorized time are not allowed to enter or exit the dormitory, And it greatly reduces the workload of the gatekeeper and improves work efficiency.

    The facial recognition school turnstile system is composed of turnstile gates, control hosts, management computers, and platform management software.

    Card reader:

    The collection of personnel card information, valid card swipe card opening, unregistered or expired card swipe card invalid.

    Fingerprint recognition terminal (optional):

    Face recognition/fingerprint integrated machine is used to effectively prevent the generation of cards, real-time upload of card data, and remote viewing.

    Outdoor gate or barrier-free passage:

    When the personnel passes through the gate quickly and accurately, the illegal identity is quickly and accurately screened, and the voice alarm signal is output after judging the illegal person, which reflects the organic combination of safety management and humanized management.

    Control host:

    Identification, hardware core algorithm, control, identification, alarm, and network Network upload to the management server function, is the core component of the system. Surveillance camera: scene image shooting.

    Management computer:

    Manage computer, store all personnel information files and entry and exit log, cardholder file management, and complete card issuance with a card reader.

    Management software:

    Mainly equipment management and data acquisition, comprehensive processing of data, data reports, and summary functions, each channel personnel information, credit card information, access time, and other information centralized management.

    Face recognition school turnstile function:

    1. Main functions personnel identification function
    The system supports active card swiping, or automatic card swiping, as well as face or fingerprint, two-dimensional code, and other identification methods, so there is no need to stay when passing.

    2. Video linkage function
    The management center can access all the video images on-site; When people go in and out, the video image is captured automatically before and after the people go in and out.

    3. Anti-trailing function
    The school turnstile has the function of preventing trailing entry, and can accurately identify each person without a card in the case of a large flow.

    4. Prevent the swipe card function
    The school turnstile can only recognize one card for each person, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of replacing swipe cards.

    5. Support “anti sneak” if the personnel give the card (such as throwing it out of the window) to others to enter again after entering, the school turnstile will give an alarm automatically.

    6. Real-time monitoring function
    Real-time monitoring. On-site access personnel, real-time display personnel photos, card number, swipe time, and access direction.

    7. Return to bed inquiry
    There is no need to check the students’ bedtime manually, just through the computer query, analyze the students’ credit card records, automatically generate the list of students who have not returned to bed, save manpower and time, and improve work efficiency.

    school turnstile

    Above is all the content of school turnstile security solutions, if you have any questions about the school turnstile security solutions, please contact us to discuss. Mairs provides a high-quality school turnstile for sale at affordable prices. We can also customize the school turnstile according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality school turnstile products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the school turnstile gate, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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