How to use turnstile?

how to use turnstile

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How to use turnstile

The pedestrian turnstile gate saves labor costs and improves safety management. Security turnstiles gate is usually combined with access control system and visitor system. Access control visitor system is used to manage the entry and exit of external and internal personnel of the company, as well as to master and manage the visitor dynamics of the enterprise. This will achieve good personnel access control management, and greatly improve the safety level of the site. How to use turnstile in our daily life?

Many people don’t know how to use turnstile gate or how to maintain it after they buy the turnstile gate. This may cause more injuries and failures. Let’s talk about how to use turnstile?

With the development of society and urbanization, people need more and more secure living and working environments, many places need to be equipped with intelligent security access control system, more and more places need to install turnstile gates.

In many scenarios, we will use a pedestrian turnstile gate, which is an effective equipment to manage congested people and adjust the entrance and exit. The turnstile gate is a very important basic equipment to ensure safe passage in our daily work and life. So how to use turnstile? How to maintain the turnstile gate? This is a problem that most of us will encounter, and today I will show you a brief introduction about how to use turnstile and precautions during the use of the turnstile gates.

How to use turnstile?

First of all, we discuss the first question: how to use turnstile?

The pedestrian turnstile gate is very simple to use. If it is a traditional turnstile gate equipped with an IC card, you only need to swipe the card from outside the yellow line. When the pedestrian gate opens and there is a green indicator arrow, then you can pass directly through the pedestrian gate.

It’s better not to stay in it. In order to improve the fluency of the channel, when using the turnstile gate, if there is any abnormal situation, timely cut off the power supply, and immediately contact the product manufacturer. In order to obtain the necessary technical support.

In the process of passage: it is not allowed to follow the machine channel. Do not squeeze the rod inside to swipe the card, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the turnstile gate cannot be opened.

We should pay attention to the use of turnstile gates, we must not follow others into the pedestrian passage gate, do not go to the inside to swipe cards, in order to avoid the gate can not open. How to use turnstile? If it’s a pedestrian turnstile gate equipped with face recognition, you just need to aim your face at the face recognition camera, until the authentication is successful and the gate opens and there is a green indicator arrow, at this time you can directly through the pedestrian gate.

How to use turnstile? The use of pedestrian turnstile gates is very simple, we do not need to talk too much about it. We focus on the precautions during the use of the turnstile gates.

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Precautions when using turnstile gate:

  1. During card reading (brushing teeth, fingerprinting, etc.) Before the traffic lights turn green, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze and push the turnstile gate, and the swing arm to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.
  2. When the turnstile gate equipment is not in use, it is forbidden to sit or lean on the wing of the swing arm of the gate pole, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the gate.
  3. Do not use the equipment directly in the open air or humid environment with corrosive substances, so as to avoid rain, moisture, or corrosive substances affecting the service life of the equipment. When the equipment is used in the open air, it shall be equipped with rainproof facilities, such as a sunlight shed.
  4. When passing through the gate and pedestrian, please pass as soon as possible, do not stay in the working area of the gate.
  5. When the gate is powered off, personnel shall not be in the working area of the gate to avoid falling off the lever or suddenly turning the swing arm to hurt people.
  6. When there is lightning, please try not to use the outdoor gate to avoid damaging the gate.
  7. The pedestrian passage gate shall ensure the reliable connection of the system protection ground wire to prevent personal injury and other accidents.
  8. The shell of the turnstile gate equipment is made of matte stainless steel. It must be scrubbed with soft fabric to keep the appearance clean and bright. Do not use hard objects to scrub the appearance, so as not to scratch and affect the appearance. At the same time, it is forbidden to flush with water to avoid short circuits of the electrical control systems and equipment damage.
  9. Regularly check the connection of moving parts of gate equipment. If nuts, screws, and other fasteners are found loose, they should be tightened in time to avoid gate failure caused by the long-term operation.
  10. Regularly check the connection of system protection ground wire to ensure its reliable access.
  11. Regularly check the connector and wiring point of the connecting line to ensure a reliable connection.
  12. Pay special attention to anti-electromagnetic interference for the card reader used by the channel gate, If conditions permit, the installation position of the card reader should be more than 30cm away from the strong current power supply.
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Finally, we talk about turnstile gate maintenance, all items should be maintained under the condition of frequent use, and so should the turnstile gate. It is not omnipotent. It is necessary to clean the dust inside and outside the chassis on time and regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Tidiness and lubrication: check whether the inside of the gate is clean, and remove the dust and other dirt. Check whether the action parts are astringent and carry out the necessary lubrication. For more details, please check another article,

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