How to use turnstile?

how to use turnstile

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How to use turnstile?

The pedestrian turnstile gate saves labor costs and improves safety management. Security turnstiles gate is usually combined with access control system and visitor system. Access control visitor system is used to manage the entry and exit of external and internal personnel of the company, as well as to master and manage the visitor dynamics of the enterprise. This will achieve good personnel access control management, and greatly improve the safety level of the site. How to use turnstile in our daily life?

Many people don’t know how to use turnstile gate or how to maintain it after they buy the turnstile gate. This may cause more injuries and failures. Let’s talk about how to use turnstile?

With the development of society and urbanization, people have higher and higher requirements for security. An intelligent safety turnstile gate system is required in many places, and pedestrian turnstile gates will be installed in more and more places. In many scenarios, we will use pedestrian turnstile gates, which are effective equipment for managing congested people and adjusting entrances and exits. Access control turnstile gates are very important basic equipment to ensure safe passage in our daily work and life. Then how to use the pedestrian turnstile gate? This is a problem that many of us will encounter, and today I’ll take you to understand it carefully.

The pedestrian turnstile gate is very simple to use. If it is a traditional card swiping pedestrian turnstile gate, you only need to swipe the card outside the yellow line. When the pedestrian turnstile gate is opened and a green indicator arrow appears, you can directly pass through the pedestrian turnstile gate at this time.

It should be noted that when using the turnstile gate, we must not follow others into the pedestrian passage gate, do not go to the inside to swipe cards, in order to avoid the gate can not open. If it is a pedestrian turnstile gate equipped with a face recognition function, you only need to aim your face at the camera of face recognition. When the authentication recognition is successful, the gate opens and a green indicator arrow appears. At this time, you can directly pass through the pedestrian turnstile gate. The use of a pedestrian turnstile gate is very simple. Let’s make a simple explanation below.

The use methods of different types of turnstiles are different, and different styles generally have specific instructions:

Turnstile gate with card reader: in the card swiping area, you can pass by directly using the authorized ID or IC card.

QR code turnstile: in the QR code scanning area, directly use the authorized QR code and scan it on the turnstile gate.

Face recognition turnstile: when directly passing through the face recognition turnstile, look at the camera on the turnstile gate, but note that some need to take off their hats and eyes.

Automatic ticketing turnstile: generally, this automatic ticketing turnstile gate has two gates. The first gate verifies the ticket and ID card. When entering the second gate of the passage, look up at the screen camera and automatically capture the face. The face is consistent with the ticket information. The face recognition is successful, and the second gate is opened to enter the station.

Fingerprint turnstile: it is generally used in combination with card swiping. It is OK to input fingerprints directly in the identification area.

If you have any problem with the pedestrian turnstile gate, you can contact us. Our professional salesperson will give you detailed answers. We are happy to serve you and solve your problems.

How to use turnstile? The use of pedestrian turnstile gates is very simple, we do not need to talk too much about it. We should pay attention to the use of turnstile gates. We focus on the precautions during the use of the turnstile gates.

turnstile gate with face recognition

Where to buy a turnstile gate?

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Precautions for use

During card reading (brushing teeth, fingerprinting, etc.) Before the traffic lights turn green, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze and push the turnstile gate, and the swing arm to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

When the turnstile gate equipment is not in use, it is forbidden to sit or lean on the wing of the swing arm of the gate pole, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the gate.

Do not use the equipment directly in the open air or humid environment with corrosive substances, so as to avoid rain, moisture, or corrosive substances affecting the service life of the equipment. When the equipment is used in the open air, it shall be equipped with rainproof facilities, such as a sunlight shed.

When passing through the gate and pedestrian, please pass as soon as possible, do not stay in the working area of the gate.

When the gate is powered off, personnel shall not be in the working area of the gate to avoid falling off the lever or suddenly turning the swing arm to hurt people.

When there is lightning, please try not to use the outdoor gate to avoid damaging the gate.

The pedestrian passage gate shall ensure the reliable connection of the system protection ground wire to prevent personal injury and other accidents.

The shell of the turnstile gate equipment is made of matte stainless steel. It must be scrubbed with soft fabric to keep the appearance clean and bright. Do not use hard objects to scrub the appearance, so as not to scratch and affect the appearance. At the same time, it is forbidden to flush with water to avoid short circuits of the electrical control systems and equipment damage.

Regularly check the connection of moving parts of gate equipment. If nuts, screws, and other fasteners are found loose, they should be tightened in time to avoid gate failure caused by the long-term operation.

Regularly check the connection of system protection ground wire to ensure its reliable access.

Regularly check the connector and wiring point of the connecting line to ensure a reliable connection.

Pay special attention to anti-electromagnetic interference for the card reader used by the channel gate, If conditions permit, the installation position of the card reader should be more than 30cm away from the strong current power supply.

When the turnstile gate is closed, do not collide with the door panel, which will cause wear of the gate panel and damage to other accessories, affecting the service life.

To prevent the attenuation of the transmission signal, the distance between the controller and the card reader shall be considered in the installation of the turnstile gate and access control controller, and the ideal transmission interval is within 50m. For signal transmission cables, cable shielding and signal attenuation caused by remote transmission must be considered, and reliable grounding must be done during pipeline construction.

Debugging of access controller and system software is an important link to ensure the quality of turnstile gate prohibition system. The key point is the debugging of the access controller and the operation of the system software. The function of the controller is to set the relay linkage output function according to the actual needs in addition to the input of the card reader.

swing turnstile

When using the turnstile gate, the right-hand card should be correctly held, parallel to the sensing area, and 20-50mm away from the sensing area is the best. Hearing the sound of “tick” proves that the card has been swiped successfully. The turnstile gate should pass immediately after opening, and do not stay in the channel, so as to improve the pass rate of the passage.

During the passage, do not follow into the passage. Don’t break the door swing by force to avoid hurting people. When the front personnel has passed the middle point, the back personnel can swipe the card. If the card swiping is effective, there will be an indicator light, and the door swing will open automatically.

Clean regularly. The turnstile gate needs to be maintained frequently. Regularly clean the internal and external dust of the chassis to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In case of machine failure, immediately notify the management department for maintenance, or contact the turnstile manufacturer for maintenance.

After swiping the card, half of the gate opens the door and half does not open the door. This problem occurs because there is a problem with the switch on the side that does not open the door. Please check the relevant switches.

When people need to be evacuated in an emergency, the turnstile gate should be always open. The function switch is controlled by the computer in the main control room. This is the product knowledge that each turnstile manufacturer will explain.

Pedestrians are not allowed to stay in the passage after entering the passage.

Pedestrians are not allowed to enter the passage, and a certain distance should be maintained between pedestrians;

It is not allowed to pass through the passage at a fast speed.

When the turnstile equipment is not in use, it is forbidden to sit or lean against the wing of the swing arm of the gate rod to avoid unnecessary damage to the gate.

When the turnstile gate is powered off, personnel shall not be in the working area of the gate to avoid falling off the lever or suddenly rotating the swing arm to hurt people.

The pedestrian passage gate shall ensure the reliable connection of the system protection ground wire to prevent personal injury and other accidents.

It is recommended not to use the indoor turnstile directly in the open, humid, or corrosive environment to avoid affecting the service life of the equipment due to rain, moisture, or corrosive substances. If it must be used outdoors or in an outdoor environment without shelter, don’t worry, please buy an outdoor turnstile, which is specially used outdoors, dustproof and rainproof;

The above is all about the precautions for use. We hope our customers can use the turnstile gate according to the requirements, which can enhance the service life of the turnstile gate and reduce the related expenses of enterprise access control management.

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Finally, we talk about turnstile gate maintenance, all items should be maintained under the condition of frequent use, and so should the turnstile gate. It is not omnipotent. It is necessary to clean the dust inside and outside the chassis on time and regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Tidiness and lubrication: check whether the inside of the gate is clean, and remove the dust and other dirt. Check whether the action parts are astringent and carry out the necessary lubrication. For more details, please check our another article: turnstile maintenance

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