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Summary of subway turnstile solutions:

Subway Turnstile Security Solutions? How many and which kind of turnstiles do I need for my project? As a professional subway turnstile gate manufacturers, Mairs will solve your issues with all kinds of turnstile security solutions.

For a security access control project, turnstile security solutions are very important just like a basic architecture for a building, and good turnstile security solutions will better achieve the requirements and functions of the project. So Mairs provides all kinds of Turnstile security solutions for your projects.

With the rapid development of rail transit, the application of the turnstile gate at the entrance and exit is more and more extensive. At present, many large domestic companies take this as an important development direction and have established a good sense of service, the application prospect is very broad.

Subway Turnstile security solutions: automatic ticket checking machine can provide automatic ticket checking for stations, wharves, subways, tourist attractions, and other places where passenger flow is large and needs to carry out rapid ticket management at the entrance and exit, which is a fast, simple, safe and reliable methods. The automatic ticket checking machine can be divided into import and export ticket checking machines according to their function. This is an only brief summary of subway turnstile security solutions.

Problems need to be solved:

The subway access control subsystem has the characteristics of long-running distance, large access control scale, and high requirements for the stability, redundancy, fault tolerance, and real-time of the system. According to the principle of centralized management and decentralized control, the integrated management system and security access control system from Mairs follows the humanized working mode and adopts three levels of topology: management, control, and operation, which overcomes the communication bottleneck of the large-scale system and improves the response speed and product stability.

Functionally, it also enables the person to enter the specified area at the permitted time, in accordance with The specified path, make intelligent real-time control and feedback and can realize the integration and management with the third party system such as integrated monitoring, integrated security, disaster prevention, and alarm system, automatic ticket sale system and so on. Achieve high stability, high safety, high-risk protection requirements in the field of rail transit, and bring customers a good user experience.

Urban Rail transit includes subway, city railway, high-speed railway, ordinary railway, and so on. Train stations have a large flow of people, and the rail transit turnstile gate (speed gates turnstile) is prone to malfunction, slow running speed, and slow ticket checking under high-frequency use. These conditions greatly reduce the traffic efficiency and bring many inconveniences to managers and users. This is one of the problems which subway turnstile security solutions need to solve.

The subway turnstile security solution provided by Mairs can solve the above problems and meet the requirements of high-frequency use, long-term stable work, high traffic efficiency, seamless docking and checking system, and ensuring pedestrian safety.

metro turnstile security solutions

Different Types of Subway turnstile:

The train turnstile security solution provided by Mairs covers different channels such as ticket-selling passage, ticket checking passage, VIP hall passage, staff passage, peripheral protection, and so on. Each occasion can choose the type of security turnstiles gate according to the actual situation, taking into account the situation of carrying large luggage, stroller, and wheelchair.

Subway turnstile security solutions from Mairs mainly include subway turnstile gate, station turnstile gate, and all kinds of ticket checking turnstile gates, etc.

Vertical Tripod Turnstile:

It is suitable for the manual ticket hall with a large flow of ticket buyers. There are many ticketing windows in the manual ticket office, the flow of ticket buyers is large, the queue of passengers is longer, it is easy to cause confusion and there are hidden dangers of safety. A vertical semi-automatic tripod turnstile gate can be used as a current limiting facility to maintain the order of passenger purchases. Of course, train turnstile security solutions also solve other problems. So if you need any turnstile security solutions for your project, please feel free to contact us, our sales will provide you the professional subway turnstile security solutions.

Vertical semi-automatic tripod turnstile gate covers a small area; it is flexible and simple to use, and can realize the function of only one person at a time; the cost is low and the cost ratio is very high. Vertical semi-automatic tripod turnstile gate in power off, fire and other states of emergency will automatically drop rod, convenient to evacuate people. High-end industrial CANBUS technology, each functional module mounted on the bus independently to facilitate customization, expansion, installation and maintenance.

If you want more details about the tripod turnstile, please check the high-quality tripod turnstile from Mairs, The basic parameters of the tripod turnstile gate are listed below.

Structure: Frame / Stainless Steel Shell

Material :304 stainless steel

Top cover thickness :1.5 mm

Box thickness: mm 1.2

Production technology: Production of CNC laser cutting machine

Product size :(L420mm * W330mm * H980 mm);

Weight :(gross weight 40 Kg)

Brake rod length :510(mm)

Outside chassis maximum bearing capacity :80 Kg

Brake rod working driving force :3 Kg

Brake rod transmission mode: digital mode

Brake rod steering: one-way, two-way (optional); With a variety of working modes, You can read two-way cards, Can also read the card, the other direction prohibited, reading the card, the free passage in the other direction:

Automatic reset function: after opening the gate, the system will be locked automatically within the specified time, the passage time is adjustable;

Light indication: traffic direction indication

No delay requirement for input control signal

Working environment: indoor, outdoor (shade shed)

Temperature :-15℃~60℃

Relative humidity :90%, Free

Induction card reading bayonet size: with standard mounting bracket, Or customized

Opening time :0.2 seconds

Speed :30 people / minute

Communication interface: TCP/IP communication

Input interface: dry contact signal or 12 V level signal or pulse width of 100 ms of DC12V pulse signal, Drive current ≥10 mA;

Use occasions: subway, high-speed rail, train station, bus station, passenger station, etc., install ticket checking turnstile gate to improve traffic efficiency.

turnstile security solutions from mairsturnstile

Ticket Checking Turnstile:

Ticket entrance is the core area of rail transit, and the requirement of turnstile(fast lane speed turnstile) is very high. The specific performance as follows:

Security Turnstiles (fast lane speed turnstile) frequent start and stop —— Mairs ticket checking turnstile gate adopts self-developed non-destructive core based on a German technology with high-quality DC brushless motor, service life is very long. This is core technology with turnstile security solutions.

There are many ways to check the ticket, and the requirements for speed and accuracy are very high —— The compatibility of security turnstiles gate from Mairs is very strong. It can integrate the latest RFID and NFC technology and connect seamlessly with the ticket checking system. The main equipment from train turnstile security solutions is swing turnstiles gate and flap barrier Gate.

Mairs ticket checking turnstile gate can connect seamlessly with face recognition system -ID card verification system and ticket checking system. Passengers enter the face recognition area to brush their ID cards and tickets. The system compares the scanned faces and photos of ID cards, compares the information of ID cardholders and ticket riders, and opens the gate to allow passengers to pass. A variety of advanced biometric technologies can be integrated into the gate of the ticket-checking channel, which presents fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, vein recognition, face recognition, gait recognition, and iris recognition Retinal recognition, QR code recognition, ID card recognition, and other recognition methods.

It is necessary to take into account all kinds of passengers with various body shapes and passengers carrying all kinds of luggage. It is necessary to effectively prevent trailing and illegal intrusion and avoid the loss of the operator. Using matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, the security turnstiles gate from Mairs can effectively identify the traffic object, and sensitively detect the illegal intrusion, trailing, and other behaviors that threaten the safety of the channel. This is another problem we need to solve with turnstile security solutions.

Pay special attention to the personal safety of passengers —— Mairsturnstile ticket checking turnstile gate adopts matrix photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology+unique current detection technology+high Performance DC brushless motor+multiple clamping mode to ensure that passengers will not be hit or clamped by the gate. It’s a very important part of subway turnstile security solutions.

Advantages of subway turnstile:

Maintenance workload is very large, operating costs are very high —— Mairsturnstile ticket checking turnstile adopts high-end industrial general CANBUS technology, turnstile(fast lane speed turnstile)’s functional modules independently mounted on the bus, convenient customization, expansion, installation and maintenance, effectively reduce maintenance costs.

Can set up barrier-free turnstile gate passage and large baggage passage, convenient for passengers in need.

Ticket checking turnstile gate can be set in the ticket area or waiting hall entrance.

Usually used in long-distance rail transit. Applicable to VIP passengers into the subway, high-speed rail and other VIP waiting rooms, reduce manual intervention, improve passenger satisfaction. Equipped with an industrial bar code scanner and LCD screen, can quickly and accurately read and display the VIP passenger’s customer identity and ticket information.

Unique passenger positioning function: for effective VIP passengers, the distribution of radiofrequency cards with positioning function, can automatically confirm the location of passengers and remind passengers to ride. Matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, effective tail-proof, to ensure safety and order.

The Matrix Photoelectric Stereo Detection Technology is a Unique High-Performance Current Detection Technology DC brushless motor, fast opening speed and smooth operation, multiple anti-clamp means to improve the comfort of passengers.

Security turnstiles can integrate a variety of advanced biometric technologies to ensure accurate identification of the passengers: fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, vein recognition, face recognition, gait recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition, QR code recognition.

High-end industrial general CANBUS technology, turnstile(fast lane speed turnstile)’s functional modules mounted on the bus independently, convenient customization, expansion, installation and maintenance.

Suitable for station staff to enter the office area while improving security performance, so that staff passage more orderly, efficient, convenient, enhance the image of the office area. Beautiful gate (speed door) chassis design, unique customization, so that the gate better into the surrounding office environment.

Matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology, effective tail-proof, to ensure safety and order. Matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology high-performance DC brushless motor, fast opening speed, stable operation, multiple anti-clamp means, improve the comfort of employees. Integrated with the existing access control system, it can quickly and accurately identify people Avoid entering the office area. This is a very important technology in turnstile security solutions.

Usually used in the station peripheral area is relatively large, the surrounding environment is complex occasions. Many rail transit has the function of freight transportation, and there is usually a vast area around the freight area and the specific functional area, which needs to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering, which belongs to the safe and sensitive connection zone. We recommend the use of a powerful, durable, very high-security level, and suitable for outdoor weather conditions of industrial turnstile gates. This is a basic part of train turnstile security solutions.

subway turnstile from mairsturnstile

Basic parameters of subway turnstile:

Mairs offers a durable, high-security level swing turnstile gate and flap barrier for the train turnstile security solutions. If you want more details about the swing turnstile, please check the high-quality swing turnstile gate From Mairs, below a list of the basic parameters of the subway turnstile gate.

Case material: standard (304) stainless steel

Case size :1200 X300X980(mm)

Telescopic arm length :260 mm

Maximum channel width :≤550) weight: gross weight 65 Kg

Power supply voltage: AC220mm ,50HZ

Drive motor: DC brush motor (24 V)

Input interface: Relay switch signal or 12 V level signal or 12 pulse signal with 100 ms pulse width, Drive current >10 mA

Communication interface: TC P/IP communication

Speed :30-40 person/min

Gate opening and closing time: 0.6 seconds after power on into the state of passage time :3 seconds

Automatic reset time after failure: 10 seconds working environment: indoor, outdoor (shade shed)

Temperature : -15℃-60℃ relative humidity :90%, No dew.

The advantages of subway turnstile security solutions:

Automatic ticket checking and access control;

Highly reflect the quality of service and management level;

Can make ticketing, accounting system management become more rapid and accurate, to eliminate manual ticket inspection and the occurrence of omissions;

Combining the ticket checking machine with the AFC system, we can realize the joint operation and management of ticket checking and service;

Can achieve timely passenger flow statistics, revenue at a glance, scheduling the best services more convenient;

The ticket reading unit adopts high speed transmission mechanism, which has high reliability and error correction, and the speed of ticket delivery can reach 3 sheets per second;

System modular design, easy maintenance and installation;

VFD high-grayscale Chinese and English display;

Intelligent transfer rod with emergency release function;

Standard communication network interface;

Industrial power supply provides safety and reliability assurance.

Above is all the content of subway turnstile security solutions, if you have any questions about the subway turnstile security solutions, please contact us to discuss. Mairs provides a high-quality turnstile gate for sale at an affordable price. We can also customize the turnstile gate according to your requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and the best service. All of our products get 2 years warranty. If there is an exception or technical support during the use of the turnstile gate, We will offer you the most satisfactory reply and provide the best service.

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