How to use turnstile and turnstile maintenance?

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Last updated on: January 4th, 2021 15:39 pm

How to use turnstile and the maintenance for turnstile?

With the development of society and urbanization, people need more and more security living and working environment, many places need to be equipped with intelligent security access control system, more and more places need to install turnstile gates.

In many scenarios, we will use pedestrian turnstile gate, which is an effective equipment to manage congested people and adjust the entrance and exit. The turnstile gate is a very important basic equipment to ensure safe passage in our daily work and life. So how to use turnstile? How to maintain the turnstile gate? This is a problem that most of us will encounter, and today I will show you a brief introduction about how to use turnstile and turnstile maintenance.

First of all, we discuss the first question: how to use turnstile?

The pedestrian turnstile gate is very simple to use. If it is a traditional turnstile gate equipped with IC card, you only need to swipe the card from outside the yellow line. When the pedestrian gate opens and there is a green indicator arrow, then you can pass directly through the pedestrian gate.

We should pay attention to during the use of turnstile gates, we must not follow others into the pedestrian passage gate, do not go to the inside to swipe cards, in order to avoid the gate can not open. How to use turnstile? If it’s a pedestrian turnstile gate equipped with face recognition, you just need to aim your face at the face recognition camera, until the authentication is successful and the gate opens and there is a green indicator arrow, at this time you can directly through the pedestrian gate.

How to use turnstile? The use of pedestrian tursntile gates is very simple, we do not need to talk too much about it. We focus on the maintenance of pedestrian turnstile gates.

Then discuss the second question: how to maintain the turnstile gate?

how to use turnstile and turnstile maintenance

Before the article we have discussed: How to Install turnstile gate

When we debug and install tripod turnstile, swing turnstile gate, flap barrier, full height turnstile gate and other turnstile gate, with the extension of service time, the machine will have a corresponding wear and tear, which like cars and aircraft, need to be maintained and in order to prolong the use of the machine and ensure its good performance. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the turnstile gate is very important, we must carefully and conscientiously carry out regular maintenance of the turnstile gate. To ensure that the turnstile gate in the best state and play its own full function.

A complete intelligent turnstile gate system must have software and hardware. The working environment of many turnstile gates is relatively bad. For example, the intelligent turnstile gate of scenic spot, most of them are in scenic area, the entrance gate is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, and the gate of seaside scenic spot is easy to be corroded by sea sand or sea water. We know that machines need maintenance, which not only improves the duration of use, but also ensures the safety of tourists. Many users will wait until the machine is broken to contact maintenance, to replace accessories, this will be lost more.

I. External cleaning and maintenance of pedestrian turnstile gates

The turnstile gate’s casing is made of 304 stainless steel. This is the commonly used casing material at present. Most of the turnstile gate machines casing are 304 stainless steel or acrylic material. We suggest to according to the working environment and clean the outside one to three times a week. Stainless steel surfaces must be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep their surfaces and prolong their service life.

When cleaning stainless steel surface, we must pay attention not to scratch the surface, can use soft fabric to scrub, can prevent a large amount of dust from entering the casing inner, which can cause the control panel to malfunction. Full height turnstile manufacturers – Mairsturnstile, in the delivery of products, will be equipped with a bottle of stainless steel maintenance oil, if the pedestrian turnstile gate surface is oxidized or dirty, please regularly wipe with stainless steel maintenance oil to ensure that the gate clean as new.

turnstile use

After scrubbing and clean, can be polished with talc powder. Such as seaside intelligent turnstile gate, more vulnerable to corrosion, in addition to improving stainless steel material, but also use antirust oil on the surface of the casing. For the older turnstile gate, rust may have appeared. This situation needs to be cleared in time. Rust spots can be sandpaper and talc powder, along the lines, and finally can be filled with the same color paint, at the same time of painting, please avoid infrared perforation.

II. Maintenance of the internal core of the turnstile gate

The core of the turnstile gate can be said to be the heart of the gate, very important, so for its maintenance, you need to pay attention to 1 to 2 maintenance work a month. At ordinary times, according to the situation during the use of the turnstile gate, check whether there are any problems in the motor control position, from the following aspects:

 1. First cut off the power supply, open the cover of the turnstile gate casing, clean the dust on the surface.

 2. Check the parts inside, check the connection screw for loose condition, if any, tighten it.

 3. Check if there is any problem in the circuit part, if there is no problem, check whether the circuit, power supply, wire, each plug-in is exposed or loose, wrap, arrange, tighten the plug-in, check for leakage, if the wire is aging,then replaced it in time.

4. Refer to the manual for security turnstiles, check the main parameters of each component.

5. Finally check the wear of the damaged parts.

In short, timely inspection, timely maintenance, otherwise if don’t handle it,it will take more and more energy and funds.

Precautions during the Use of Turnstile Gate

1.Don’t crashing into the gate panel

When the turnstile gate is closed, do not crashing into the gate panel, which will cause wear of gate panel and damage to other accessories, affecting the service time.

2. Protection against electromagnetic interference

For the card reader used in the turnstile gate, special attention should be paid to the prevention of electromagnetic interference. If conditions permit, the installation position of the card reader should be more than 30 cm away from strong power supply.

3. Preventing attenuation of transmission signals

Access control turnstile gate and access controller installation should take into account the distance between the controller and card reader, the ideal transmission interval is within 50 m. For the signal transmission cable, it is necessary to consider the cable shielding and the signal attenuation caused by the long interval transmission, and to make reliable grounding in the process of pipeline construction.

4. Debugging of Access Control Controller and System Software

The debugging of system software is an important segment to ensure the quality of access control system. The emphasis is on the debugging of the access control controller and the operation of the system software. The function of the controller is to set up the relay linkage output function according to the actual needs in addition to the card reader input.

5.Swipe card

When the turnstile gate in use, take the card with right hand, parallel to the induction area ,20-50 mm from the induction area is the best, heard a “beep” sound proof that the card has been swiped successfully, at this time should be passed immediately, Do not stay in the passage to improve the passage rate.

6.Points for attention  

In the process of passing the passage, must not follow into the passage. Do not force the door to break open, so as not to hurt people, the front personnel have passed the middle point, the back personnel can swipe the card, the card will effectively have an indicator light indicating that the door pendulum will automatically open.

7.Regular clean-up

Turnstile gates need to be maintained frequently. Regular internal and external dust cleaning of the inner of casing to ensure the normal operation of the equipment,if there is something wrong with the machine,please notify the management for maintenance immediately, or contact manufacturers for maintenance.

8.When the main engine, auxiliary machine or casing is opened to repair, it is necessary to cut off the power supply connected to the machine, and the people who don’t have the knowledge of fixed maintenance is forbidden to disassemble and repair machine privately.

9.After swiping the card, one side gate is open and another side is not open. This problem is the switch from not open side. Please check the relevant switch.

10.When an emergency requires evacuation, the gate should be kept open. Function switch  control by computer in the master control room, this is the product knowledge which each turnstile gate manufacturer will explain.

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Above is the main content of “how to use turnstile and turnstile maintenance”. If you still are not clear about how to use turnstile and turnstile maintenance, please contact full height turnstile manufacturers -mairsturnstile. We will show you more details about how to use turnstile.

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